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A graphic of 11 Pokémon that have special evolutions over a map of Paldea, including Pawmot, Tsareena, Gallade, Dudunsparce, and others

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In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, a lot of Pokémon will certainly advance with leveling up, yet not all Pokémon job in this manner. Some Pokémon require unique rocks or things to advance, while others require to be traded. Some also require to be details sexes or leveled up at particular times of day.

Our Pokémon Scarlet and also Violet overview provides out all the unique developments that we understand of, classified by development kind.

Note that some Pokémon listed below do suit numerous groups, so we placed them in all the groups they suit. For instance, to obtain a Gallade, you require a to utilize a Dawn Stone on a man Kirlia, so it’s detailed in the groups for both development rocks and also gendered Pokémon.

To promptly discover the Pokémon you’re trying to find, utilize ctrl + f on Windows computer and also command + f on Mac.

Pokémon that call for development rocks to advance

Evolution rocks can be located spread around Paldea on the ground, viewed as shimmering things. Just from walking Paldea and also checking out, we located a great deal.

  • Eevee + Fire Stone = Flareon
  • Growlithe + Fire Stone = Arcanine
  • Capsakid + Fire Stone = Scovillain
  • Eevee + Water Stone = Vaporeon
  • Shellder + Water Stone = Cloyster
  • Pikachu + Thunder Stone = Raichu
  • Eevee + Thunder Stone = Jolteon
  • Magneton + Thunder Stone = Magnezone
  • Tadbulb + Thunder Stone = Bellibolt
  • Eevee + Leaf Stone = Leafeon
  • Petilil + Sun Stone = Lilligant
  • Sunkern + Sun Stone = Sunflora
  • Eevee + Ice Stone = Glaceon
  • Cetoddle + Ice Stone = Cetitan
  • Crabrawler + Ice Stone = Crabominable
  • Jigglypuff + Moon Stone = Wigglytuff
  • Floette + Shiny Stone = Florges
  • Murkrow + Dusk Stone = Honchkrow
  • Misdreavus + Dusk Stone = Mismagius
  • Kirlia (man) + Dawn Stone = Gallade
  • Snorunt (lady) + Dawn Stone = Froslass

Pokémon that call for various other unique things to advance

These Pokémon need you to utilize these things on them, likewise to exactly how you would certainly utilize development rocks.

Note that we have actually not validated Gimmighoul’s development technique yet, yet it’s been reported by popular Pokémon database site Serebii.net.

Pokémon that call for details fight problems to advance

These Pokémon require to meet details needs in fight in order to advance. They’ll advance as soon as you’ve properly fulfilled the problems.

Pokémon that call for multiplayer to advance

For Finizen to advance, it requires to level up while you’re in a multiplayer session (neighborhood or on the internet).

Pokémon that call for high relationship to advance

You will certainly require to elevate the relationship with these Pokémon, after that level them up as soon as to advance them. You can elevate relationship by offering the Pokémon a Soothe Bell and also leveling them up.

  • Eevee + relationship = Espeon (daytime just)
  • Eevee + relationship = Umbreon (nighttime just)
  • Eevee + relationship + understands a fairy-type step = Sylveon
  • Pichu + relationship = Pikachu
  • Igglybuff + relationship = Jigglypuff
  • Chansey + relationship = Blissey
  • Azurill + relationship = Marill
  • Riolu + relationship = Lucario (daytime just)

Pokémon that call for strolling with Let’s Go to advance

Take these Pokémon out by making them the lead in your celebration and also pushing the R switch — which triggers Let’s Go setting — and also stroll with them a bunch. Level them up after you stroll with them to obtain them to advance.

A Pawmot stands in Mesagoza at night, freshly evolved

Image: Game Freak/The Pokémon Company, Nintendo by means of Polygon

Pokémon that call for finding out an unique transfer to advance

Once these Pokémon find out the particular step, they’ll advance. If the Pokémon has actually leveled up past the factor they normally find out the step, you’ll need to reteach it to them, after that level them up again.

Pokémon that call for a details time of day to advance

These Pokémon have a range of leveling approaches, yet they can just be done throughout particular times of day. The time of day does not associate to real-world time. You can inspect what time it remains in-game by opening your Pokédex or map.

  • Sneasel + holding Razor Claw + degree = Weavile (nighttime just)
  • Eevee + relationship = Espeon (daytime just)
  • Eevee + relationship = Umbreon (nighttime just)
  • Riolu + relationship = Lucario (daytime just)
  • Happiny + holding Oval Stone + degree = Chansey (daytime just)
  • Yungoos + degree 20 = Gumshoos (daytime just)
  • Rockruff + degree 25 = Midday Form Lycanroc (daytime just)
  • Rockruff + degree 25 = Midnight Form Lycanroc (nighttime just)
  • Fomantis + degree 34 = Lurantis (daytime just)
  • Greavard + level 30 = Houndstone (nighttime only)

Pokémon that require to be traded to advance

These Pokémon require to be traded to advance. Once the profession finishes, they will certainly advance, so they’ll require to be traded back to the initial fitness instructor.

  • Haunter + profession = Gengar
  • Slowpoke + holding King’s Rock + profession = Slowking
  • Scyther + holding Metal Coat + profession = Scizor

Pokémon that require held things to advance

These Pokémon require to be holding details things and afterwards leveled up or sold order to advance.

Pokémon that just advance when a details sex

These Pokémon just advance right into these kinds when they’re a details sex.

  • Kirlia (man) + Dawn Stone = Gallade
  • Snorunt (lady) + Dawn Stone = Froslass
  • Combee (lady) + degree 21 = Vespiquen
  • Salandit (lady) + degree 33 = Salazzle

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