Half-Life 2

Released: Nov 16, 2004
Genre: First person shooter
Developer and Publisher: Valve
Platform: PC (Windows)
Interface language: Multilingual
Voice language: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and others
Multiplayer: Included (Deathmatch)
Version: build 5856545 from 11/20/2020 – with all episodes (Non-Steam)

Description: “Half-Life 2” – is a next chapter of the cult “Half-Life” story, which saw the light 6 years after the original was released. Players will again have to control the unchanging Gordon Freeman, who regains consciousness on Earth, and realizes that he is in the near future.

All power in this future belongs to an alien government calling itself the Alliance. This Alliance drove all the people on the planet into cities, forcing them to obey. Gordon has to fix this. And although his path is not short, and the goals change quite often, this only gives the game a special originality, making the plot even more interesting.

Half-Life 2 - Cover

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