Pokémon Scarlet and Violet gymnasium rematch information

Tulip, the psychic-type gym leader with purple hair, walks to her position in a gym leader rematch

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After finishing the primary story in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll want to move again and rematch the gymnasium leaders to unlock extra content material.

Each gymnasium chief has beefed up slightly bit, evolving their unique social gathering and including in just a few new creatures to make issues a bit tougher. You is not going to must do the gymnasium check once more. Just stroll into the constructing and also you’ll an opportunity to get battle the chief. You can solely rematch every gymnasium chief as soon as (based on what we’ve skilled, no less than).

Below we checklist all of the gyms and their rematch groups. These ranges don’t range or enhance, so that you don’t must do them in any particular order. We’ve listed them of their unique order for group’s sake.

By the time you get right here, you need to know the drill, however we listed out their weaknesses beneath anyway.

Cortondo gymnasium (Katy, bug) battle rematch

Weaknesses: flying, fire, rock

  1. Lokix, degree 65 (bug/darkish)
  2. Forretress, degree 65 (bug/metal)
  3. Heracross, degree 65 (bug/preventing)
  4. Spidops, degree 65 (bug)
  5. Ursaring, degree 66 (regular with bug Tera Type)

Artazon gymnasium (Brassius, grass) battle rematch

Weaknesses: bug, fire, flying, ice, poison

  1. Lilligant, degree 65 (grass)
  2. Tsareena, degree 65 (grass)
  3. Breloom, degree 65 (grass/preventing)
  4. Arboliva, degree 65 (grass/regular)
  5. Sudowoodo, degree 66 (rock with grass Tera Type)

Leinvica gymnasium (Iono, electrical) battle rematch

Weaknesses: ground

  1. Kilowattrel, degree 65 (electrical/flying)
  2. Luxray, degree 65 (electrical)
  3. Bellibolt, degree 65 (electrical)
  4. Electrode, degree 65 (electrical)
  5. Mismagius, degree 66 (ghost with electrical Tera Type)

Cascarrafa gymnasium (Kofu, water) battle rematch

Weaknesses: electric, grass

  1. Veluza, degree 65 (water/psychic)
  2. Pelipper, degree 65 (water/flying)
  3. Clawitzer, degree 65 (water)
  4. Wugtrio, degree 65 (water)
  5. Crabominable, degree 66 (preventing/ice with water Tera Type)

Medali gymnasium (Larry, regular) battle rematch

Weaknesses: fighting

  1. Oinkolonge, degree 65 (regular)
  2. Braviary, degree 65 (regular/flying)
  3. Dudunsparce, degree 65 (regular)
  4. Komala, degree 65 (regular)
  5. Staraptor, degree 66 (regular/flying with regular Tera Type)

Montenevera gymnasium (Ryme, ghost) battle rematch

Weaknesses: ghost, dark

  1. Mimikyu, degree 65 (ghost/fairy)
  2. Banette, degree 65 (ghost)
  3. Houndstone, degree 65 (ghost)
  4. Spiritomb, degree 65 (ghost/darkish)
  5. Toxtricity, degree 66 (electrical with ghost Tera Type)

Alfornada gymnasium (Tulip, psychic) battle rematch

Weaknesses: bug, dark, ghost

  1. Farigiarf, degree 65 (regular/psychic)
  2. Gallade, degree 65 (psychic/preventing)
  3. Gardevior, degree 65 (psychic/fairy)
  4. Espathra, degree 65 (psychic)
  5. Florges, degree 66 (fairy with psychic Tera Type)

Glaseado gymnasium (Grusha, ice) battle rematch

Weaknesses: fire, fighting, rock, steel

  1. Frosmoth, degree 65 (ice/bug)
  2. Beartic, degree 65 (ice)
  3. Cetitan, degree 65 (ice)
  4. Weavile, degree 65 (darkish/ice)
  5. Altaria, degree 66 (dragon/flying with ice Tera Type)

Once you beat all of the gymnasium leaders for the second time, you’ll be summoned again to your college for the Academy Ace Tournament, which successfully replaces the sequence’ historic choice rematch the Elite Four. Rather than spamming the Pokémon League, you’ll have the ability to struggle 4 random college students and academics from college at excessive ranges for cash and EXP.


Source: Polygon

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