CS: GO update from 12/04/2020 (v1.37.7.1)


[ Operation Broken Fang ]

  • Introducing Operation Broken Fang, featuring new game modes like Broken Fang Premier and Retakes, stats page, agents, weapon collections, missions, maps, and more!

[ Gameplay ]

  • Added Broken Fang Premier Mode.
  • Added Retakes game mode.
  • Added dynamic ping system to more game modes.
  • Added new customizable chat wheel feature.
  • Chat wheel can be customized under Keyboard/Mouse > Chat Wheel Keys options.

[ Maps ]

  • Added Ancient, Engage, and Apollo to Scrimmage, Casual and Deathmatch game modes.
  • Added Frostbite to Danger Zone game mode.
  • Added Guard and Elysion to Wingman game mode.
  • Removed Mutiny and Swamp.
  • Cache:
    • Removed excessive details.
    • Generally smoothed visual experience.
    • Visual clarity improvements for very low resolution users.
    • Minor tweaks. (Thanks hzx_fps!)
    • Mild optimizations at the A Bombsite and Mid.
    • Finishing visual touches.

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