Counter-Strike 2 update from 9/14/2023 (v1.39.3.8)

This update brings a variety of enhancements and fixes across the board. From map and gameplay tweaks to improved audio mixing and several UI adjustments, players can expect a refined gaming experience. Highlights include modifications to grenade mechanics, sniper contrail reflections for shot accuracy, and the introduction of individual voice volume adjustments for players.



  • Bug fixes and tweaks across all included maps.


  • Various fixes for molotov and incendiary grenades.
  • Fixes for smoke grenades.
  • Updated fire damage indicators.
  • Improved first-person sniper contrails to better represent shot accuracy.
  • Lag compensation adjustments.
  • Radar updates: replaced elevation indicators with directional viewing.

Premier matchmaking

  • Bug fixes and UI tweaks.


  • Adjusted audio mixing.
  • Reduced effects for gunfire, footsteps, and reload sounds at a distance.
  • Enhanced stereo sound.
  • Fixed footstep and jump sound issues on elevated surfaces.
  • Resolved an issue where music stopped at the end of a deathmatch.


  • Updated armor display in buy menu to show purchasable amount.
  • Fixes and enhancements for weapon finishes, gloves, and stickers.
  • Improved water rendering performance.
  • New nametag positions for all knife models.
  • Option to adjust individual player voice volumes.
  • HUD bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Option to disable animated avatars.
  • Removed some old networking convars from CS:GO, which were not functional in CS2.

These improvements are expected to significantly enhance the user experience, provide more stability, and eliminate previously reported issues. Gamers around the world can now explore these updates by diving back into the immersive world of CS 2.

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