Counter-Strike 2 update from 9/9/2023 (v1.39.3.6)

The latest update introduces essential fixes across several maps like Mirage, Nuke, and Italy. Dive into map boosts corrections, prop updates, and improved gameplay experience in miscellaneous areas, including new audio mixes and C4 loadout slot features.



  • Mirage:
    • Corrected a pixel boost on B site pillars
  • Nuke:
    • Addressed C4 dropping out of the world at B site and updated props
  • Italy:
    • Implemented fixes to stop players from boosting outside the playable area


  • Introduced a C4 loadout slot for players with named C4 items
  • Fine-tuned the audio mix
  • Resolved an issue of chickens sinking through the floor
  • Player’s hud_scaling now defaults to 1.0, as settings from CS:GO will no longer be imported.

These improvements are expected to significantly enhance the user experience, provide more stability, and eliminate previously reported issues. Gamers around the world can now explore these updates by diving back into the immersive world of CS 2.

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