Counter-Strike 2 update from 9/8/2023 (v1.39.3.4)

This update brings a series of improvements and fixes to both maps and gameplay. Highlights include tweaks to the ‘Ancient’ map, adjustments to molotov and incendiary explosions, enhanced bullet penetration through ladders, and various other gameplay and performance enhancements.



  • Ancient:
    • Bug fixes and minor adjustments


  • Enhanced molotov and incendiary explosion mechanics
  • Resolved bullet blockage issues with ladders


  • Corrected the missing USP-S description in the purchase menu
  • Modified low health notification
  • Several animation bug fixes and refinements
  • Various optimizations for improved performance

These improvements are expected to significantly enhance the user experience, provide more stability, and eliminate previously reported issues. Gamers around the world can now explore these updates by diving back into the immersive world of CS 2.

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