CS: GO update from 05/22/2019 (v1.36.9.8)

CS:GO News
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  • Blacksite and Sirocco are now both available in official Danger Zone matchmaking as a time-based map rotation.
  • Radar jammers block drone pilots with static interference while the jammer is active.
  • Drones fly slower when carrying paradrop crates.
  • Armor starting equipment option will now give both armor and helmet.

[ MISC ]

  • Updated SDR libraries to the latest version.
  • Restricted start of client-side demo recording on dedicated servers to warmup and freezetime.

[ MAPS ]


  • Changed Wingman version to use bombsite A.

Bombsite A changes:

  • Pushed back cover on site.
  • Tightened final ramp up to site.
  • Moved position of crane slightly, made area around it accessible.
  • Shortened wood fence, letting CTs more easily control ramp or drop down.
  • Moved scaffolding in back of A forward towards the wall.
  • Added self-boost onto concrete formwork on A site.


  • Added missing collisions to various door/window frame models.
  • Fixed another player stuck spot.
Changes from 05.23.2019:


  • Smoke, HE Grenade explosions, and fire are now always displayed consistently between all players.