This mod allows you to roam Red Dead Redemption 2 as any beast you need

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is lastly right here, bringing its sweeping vistas of the American west to PC. Rubbish, then, that you just’re anticipated to expertise the pure splendour of the rolling plains as an outdated man with a pound of gravel in his throat. Fortunately, because of the work of modders, one obtain and some save edits are all it takes to swap these arms for hooves. Get caught within the dust and discover Rockstar’s painstakingly modelled panorama as a beast of the wilds. Just like mom nature meant.

TanyaeNorth’s (admittedly unfinished) Model Swap over on Nexus Mods will allow you to swap out poor Arty Morgy for every other creature within the game. That does embrace people, after all, although grownup male fashions appear to be a bit damaged. I’m unsure why you’d ever decide one other flea-bitten settler anyway when there’s a menagerie of untamed beasties to own.

Model edits repeatedly pop up in Rockstar PC ports. Normally, although, non-bipedal varieties lead to eldritch beasts from past our realm. Turns out, contorting a horse or canine’s type to suit on prime of a human skeleton creates an totally twisted monstrosity. In GTA V you can briefly tackle animal varieties in singleplayer by ingesting hallucinogenic vegetation, unlocking them to be used in Director Mode.

That’s what I did for my directorial debut manner again, anyway.

Your wild west animal type will nonetheless break for those who carry out actions not attainable with out opposable thumbs. Cracking open a tin of beans will warp no matter paw, fin or wing you’re utilizing to feed it into wherever the game believes your mouth to be.

One Redditor, as a humble sheep, discovered themselves performing some impressive contortions in mattress. Eurogamer’s Emma Kent has additionally been doing the rounds as a riderless horde, free from the shackles human masters and traditional physics.

Save edits aren’t simply helpful for shifting into an animal type, nonetheless. Folks on the market are discovering them mighty helpful for skipping RDR2’s intro sequence.

While you might preserve your animorphed type indefinitely (take that, Okay.A. Applegate), you’ll in all probability wish to again up your save file. Unless, after all, you’re dedicated to ending RDR2 as a horse.

I’d help you.

[Disclosure: My partner and most of our mates work at Rockstar’s Edinburgh studio sewing digital cowboy hats together. They used to have a massive Arthur Morgan painted on the side of the building, a frontier Big Brother observing the masses. It was odd.]


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