Sekiro Lapis Lazuli information

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Sekiro Lapis Lazuli

Wondering the place to search out Sekiro Lapis Lazuli? If you’re trying to improve all of Sekiro’s Prosthetic Tools to the utmost degree you then’ll want loads of this valuable azure lazulite. Lapis Lazuli is the improve materials wanted for the ultimate instrument upgrades – consider it like Titanite Slabs from Dark Souls – and also you’ll want to select up ten items of it in whole. Unfortunately, this does imply that you simply’ll have to do a second playthrough of the game as you possibly can solely get six per run. On the brilliant aspect, for those who’ve missed out on one or two in your present playthrough, you possibly can greater than make up for it throughout your subsequent run.

If you’re an achievement hunter, you’ll even be comfortable to study that there are two achievements to be obtained from getting Sekiro Lapis Lazuli. The first one comes from totally upgrading one instrument, whereas the second comes from totally enhancing all the gadgets.

Do be warned although, for those who go for the Shura ending out of all the Sekiro endings you gained’t be capable of get a single little bit of Lapis Lazuli. This is as a result of all the improve materials connects to occasions in Fountainhead Palace, which might’t be visited for those who’re on the trail to the Shura ending. As lengthy as you keep away from that, although, you ought to be secure. Now that’s out the way in which, listed below are all of the Lapis Lazuli areas we’ve stumbled throughout.

Sekiro Lapis Lazuli areas

Fountainhead Temple

This first one is a doddle, head to the Fountainhead Temple and finest the Shichimen Warrior in battle and also you’ll have your first piece of Lapis Lazuli.

Hirata Estate

This one can be a diddly doddle, however it’s longer. You can choose up one piece of Lapis Lazuli and achieve entry to 2 extra by finishing the key questline of Pot Noble Harunaga. Keep in thoughts although that you simply’ll want numerous Sekiro Treasure Carp scales to finish the search.

Head again to Fountainhead Palace and activate the Feeding Grounds Idol. After that, speak to the NPC there and ring the bell to summon the Great Colored Carp. Next, head again to the Palace Grounds Idol and make your solution to the Feeding Grounds – take a proper flip after the Idol and head to the constructing in entrance of you. Behind it, you possibly can grapple to its roof, then a tree department, then a temple roof, and at last to the Feeding Grounds. Now that you simply’ve arrived, speak to the NPC and ring the bell so the Great Colored Carp seems.

Head again to the Hirata Estate and speak to the Harunaga – he will probably be within the lake close to the beginning of the world – and purchase something that quantities to seven treasure carp scales in whole.

Once your spending is finished, it is best to unlock the choice to speak to him – exhaust all of the dialogue choices, and he’ll finally provide the Truly Precious Bait. Head again to the Feeding Ground and feed the bait to the carp to poison it. After that, head over to Guardian Ape’s Watering Hole in The Sunken Valley and also you’ll discover the Great Colored Carp stranded there. All that’s left is to select up the Great White Whisker by the lifeless physique.

Give the merchandise to service provider and congratulations! The service provider is now a carp and will provide you with a Lapis Lazuli to your troubles. On prime of that, the fishy flogger will promote you two extra items for six scales a pop.

Ashina Outskirts – Ashina Castle Gate

You can get hold of the 2 remaining items of Lapis Lazuli from defeating the Demon of Hatred, although he’ll solely pop up when you defeat the Divine Dragon. To discover him, head to the Ashina Outskirts close to the Ashina Castle Gate, which you will recognise because the place you fought the primary boss of the game, Gyoubu Oniwa.

To get to the world, use the kite to the precise of the Ashina Castle’s principal stairs and observe the trail via the Outskirts till you attain an idol. It will transport you to the boss space, and also you’re free to do battle.

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And there you go, Sekiro Lapis Lazuli, the place to search out them, and what they do exactly. As we’ve mentioned beforehand, you gained’t be capable of get the whole lot you want to improve all of your Prosthetic Attachments in a single go completely, so that you’ll have to do a second playthrough for those who’re achievement chasing or need to improve the whole lot.