Prey 2 skills information: Neuromods and powers defined

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Prey guide

Prey is the story of an individual within the technique of dropping their humanity. Its participant character, the drolly named Morgan Yu, awakes on the area station Talos I with uncomfortable holes in her reminiscence. What’s extra, she’s been the topic of an experiment to change what it means to be human. That query is borne out in Prey’s weapons and skills, which stretch from science and engineering expertise we’d recognise on Earth to the shapeshifting traits of the Typhon, Arkane’s inky alien menace.

 Hungry for extra? Here’s everything we know about Prey.

We’ll inform you extra about these beneath. Our playtime with Prey has left us with a fairly complete take a look at Prey’s human skills, plus a lingering glimpse contained in the morphing and telepathy of the Typhon.

A small, explanatory be aware on among the language used right here: skills are unlocked utilizing Neuromods, brain-changing doohickies that enable the participant to accumulate new, generally unusual expertise immediately. And the Material Recycler is a tool that lets Morgan, properly, recycle any objects discovered on Talos 1 – whereas a Fabricator is a machine the place these objects may be transformed into new gadgets by way of blueprints.

Oh, and when a capability guarantees to extend Yu’s “natural lifespan”? We’re fairly positive that’s flavour textual content, relatively than a recreation mechanic. Although that is formidable outdated Arkane we’re speaking about, so who can say for positive?

Human skills


Prey Scientist

“Use knowledge of science, medicine, and specialized lab equipment to your advantage.” 

Hacking (ranges 1 – four)

  • Bypass safety measures on computer systems and robotic techniques.

Metabolic Boost

  • Doubles each the length of the Well Fed bonus and the well being gained by consuming meals.

Physician (ranges 1 – 2)

  • Your information of medical follow will increase the effectiveness of Medkits.


  • Recover extra precious organs from Typhon stays. Typhon organs may be recycled for unique materials, which is used within the fabrication of Neuromods.


“Specialize in modifying your gear, repairing, and crushing problems with your wrench.”

Leverage (ranges 1 – three)

  • Lift heavy objects with ease and throw objects additional. Thrown objects will injury enemies (at stage three, your brute power may be utilized to power open an unpowered door).

Repair (ranges 1 – three)

  • Lvl1 – Fix damaged Grav Shafts, Fabricators, and Recyclers with Spare Parts.
  • Lvl2 – Fix damaged Turrets, Operators, and Electrical Junctions.
  • Lvl3 – Fortify Turrets. 

Gunsmith (ranges 1 – 2)

  • Allows use of Weapon Upgrade Kits to improve safety weapons past modification stage 1 (permits absolutely upgraded weapons at lvl2).

Suit Modification (ranges 1 – three)

  • Upgrade your TranStar uniform with further stock area and permit set up of chipsets.


  • Break down gear in your stock into Spare Parts and get better Spare Parts from destroyed Operators or Turrets.  

Materials Expert

  • Increase recycling yield by 20 p.c.

Lab Tech (ranges 1 – 2)

  • Allows use of Weapon Upgrade Kits to improve non-standard tech weapons. 

Impact Calibration (ranges 1 – three)

  • Lvl1 – Reduce stamina value of wrench assaults by 25%.
  • Lvl2 – Wrench assaults deal 50% extra injury.
  • Lvl3 – Attacking with the wrench has a 25% probability to do Bonus Damage.


Prey Security

“Boost your physical abilities, skill with firearms, and security tactics.”

Firearms (Levels 1 – 2)

  • Increases injury with safety weapons and enhance probability to critically hit.


  • Increase your well being to to 115 and your stamina to 105. Run, sneak, climb, and dash 5% quicker.

Toughness (ranges 1 – three)

  • Increase your well being, pure lifespan elevated.

Stamina (ranges 1 – 2)

Mobility (ranges 1 – 2)

  • Increase total motion pace. Run, sneak, climb, and dash quicker. (Lvl2 will increase bounce peak).

Combat Focus (ranges 1 – three)

  • Enter a state of Combat Focus for 10 seconds through which time slows round you and actions value 50% much less stamina (increased ranges enhance length, decrease stamina use, and enhance injury).

Stealth (ranges 1 – three)

  • Lvl1 – Enemies take longer to detect you if you find yourself sneaking or crawling.
  • Lvl2 – Walk and run with out making noise.
  • Lvl3 – Sprint with out making noise.

Sneak Attack (ranges 1 – 2)

  • Do elevated injury to enemies whereas they’re unaware of you.

Typhon skills

Prey weapons

We know much less about these – Typhon skills need to be discovered by scanning aliens with the psychoscope, a lot as we as soon as photographed Splicers in Rapture. As such, a lot of the Typhon talent tree stays a thriller to us – however what’s right here is extremely tantalising.


Prey Energy

“Harness the destructive power of electricity, fire, and kinetic energy.”

Kinetic Blast (ranges 1 – three)

  • Create a bodily blast that offers as much as 50 injury and pushes away something inside 5 meters of the focused space. 

Electrostatic Burst (ranges 1 – three)

  • Create an electrostatic burst that offers injury to the focused space. Additionally the burst disrupts digital gear, stuns robotic and organic targets. 

Electrostatic Resistance

  • Takes much less injury from electrical assaults and hazards, and negate stun. 

Electrostatic Absorption

  • Absorb 50% of all electrical injury as psi factors. 


“Manipulate the psychoactive ether to change shape and dupe your enemies.”

Phantom Genesis (ranges 1 – 2)

  • Create a Phantom that can battle for you from a human corpse.


Prey Telepathy

“Use your mind as a weapon or manipulate technology and objects at a distance.”

Backlash (ranges 1 – three)

  • Create a defend for 20 seconds which prevents the subsequent enemy assault from damaging you. Enemies that assault the defend are repelled.

That’s every little thing we have on skills. Click by for extra on Prey’s setting and story.