Persona 3 Portable love prospect listing

The two Persona 3 protagonists with Elizabeth and Theodore behind them

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Persona 3 Portable, in a similar way to the various other Persona games, will certainly enable you to day numerous social web link NPCs There are a lots of social web link alternatives, and also you can not date every one of them, so it can be puzzling that to go after if you intend to spray some love right into your playthrough.

Depending on which protagonist you pick, you can date various alternatives, as social web links alter. Note that if you select the male lead character, you can not have social relate to the male participants of your celebration in any way. Their social web links are changed by various other NPCs.

If you’re attempting to max out all the social web links to obtain a side in fight (in a similar way to just how you carry out in Persona 4 and also 5), never mind. The just social web link that includes fight capacities is the story-forced web link, The Fool, which instantly places up as you play the game.

You can take place days and also go after love with the Velvet Room assistants, Elizabeth and also Theodore, yet they do not have social web links.

Below are the love prospects that have social web links.

Persona 3 Portable male lead character love prospects

  • Fuuka Yamagishi
  • Mitsuru Kirijo
  • Yukari Takeba
  • Chihiro Fushimi
  • Yuko Nishiwaki
  • Aigis

Note that every one of these women do not have variations of their social web links where you simply remain good friends. By seeking these web links, you will certainly wind up dating them as you rate up. There’s no chance to deny them.

Persona 3 Portable women lead character love prospects

  • Shinjiro Aragaki
  • Akihiko Sanada
  • Ken Amada
  • Ryoji Mochizuki
  • Aigis

Unlike the women, you can select to simply remain good friends with the male love prospects if you do not intend to date them.

Shinjiro’s social web link does not in fact come to be charming, yet there are charming discussion options for him beyond the social web link in very earlyOctober In enhancement to this, Akihiko’s social web link can turn around at ranking 9 if you select the charming message alternatives and afterwards deny him ultimately.


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