Online Bonuses: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of GTA 5

IN GTA Online not only have they returned (temporarily, of course) previously removed from sale vehicles, but are also distributing gifts in honor of the anniversary GTA 5, which will take place on Sunday the 17th. Let us immediately cool down the ardor of considerable optimists – on a non-working day of the week they are unlikely to post anything. We are satisfied with the listed bonuses and discounts that are active until noon on September 21.


Bravado Hotring Hellfire is now on the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website. Price – GTA$ 1,810,000.

Bravado Hotring Hellfire.

Profitable occupations

An unusual 4x GTA$ and RP multiplier can be found in the Lamar and Trevor missions, as well as in the Community Series, which contains 7 new cases.

New fan projects in the Community Series.

Adversary Mode “Game” brings three times more money and reputation points (3x GTA$ and RP).

It’s twice as profitable (2x GTA$ and RP) to complete the VIP contract for Dr. Dre and the hangar sales mission.

Pleasant trifles

Everyone who enters the game is given a full set of food, ammunition and body armor, as well as an alpine hat (look for it in the wardrobe in the “Seasonal Items” section in “Hats”).

Until September 28 Players are given Franklin, Michael and Trevor outfits and a skin for certain weapons inspired by the trio of GTA 5 protagonists.

GTA Online characters dressed as the main characters of GTA 5.

Homey costume and Employee of the Month skin for micro-PP.

“Retired Criminal” costume and “Dude” skin for an automatic rifle.

“Fangirl” costume and “Uncle T” skin for RPG.

Prize transport

Enus Deity worth GTA$1,383,750 – GTA$1,845,000 with a rare livery awaits the lucky ones on the podium at the casino-hotel.

Transport on the podium at the casino hotel this week.

To increase your chances of winning the main prize when using wheels of fortune take into account some features.

Premium Challenge

To win a vehicle in the Los Santos Auto Club, Maxwell Vagrant (1,660,500 – 2,214,000 GTA$), you need to finish in the top two in the street racing series for 2 days in a row.

Test Drive

In the same LS car club you can try out the following three cars: Pegassi Osiris, Pegassi Zentorno and Progen T20. All are sold at discounts.

Owners of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S can test Coil Cyclone II with tuning from Hao.

Transport for a premium test drive from Hao at the LS Auto Club this week.


  • Obey 9F – 50%,
  • agencies, improvements and modifications for them – 50%,
  • upgrades for transport from Imani – 50%,
  • Record A Studios merch – 50%,
  • all garages (both separately sold and included in a complex of other real estate properties) – 40%,
  • Bravado Buffalo STX – 40%,
  • Obey 10F – 40%,
  • Pegassi Osiris – 40%,
  • Pegassi Zentorno – 40%,
  • Progen T20 – 30%,
  • Bravado Buffalo EVX – 30%.

Gun van

This week the arms dealer has the following discounted items:

  • crowbar – 10% (for GTA+ subscribers – 20%),
  • plasmatron – 10% (20%),
  • railgun – 10% (20%),
  • Up-n-Atomizer – 10% (20%),
  • laser machine – 10% (20%),
  • pyrotechnics – 10% (50%),
  • tactical PP – 20%,
  • micro-PP – 10% (20%),
  • automatic rifle – 10% (20%),
  • RPG – 10% (20%),
  • pomegranate – 10% (20%),
  • Molotov cocktail – 10% (20%),
  • homemade bomb – 10% (20%),
  • body armor – 10% (20%).

Exhibition halls

IN Premium Deluxe Motorsport Simeon sells Obey 9F, Bravado Buffalo S, Obey Tailgater, Bravado Hotring Hellfire and Canis Bodhi. Please note that the personal cars of the main characters of the “five” are presented here. There is talk on the Internet that you can not buy a car like Michael’s for 55 thousand, but spawn at the airport using a test drive. Here’s a video, let me know if the method works. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed.

Transport at Premium Deluxe Motorsport this week.

Luxury Autos offers to purchase Obey 10F and Bravado Buffalo EVX.

Transport at Luxury Autos this week.


Time trial the next seven days will be “Raton Canyon.”

HSW Time Trial (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S exclusive) – “Terminal”.

Other bonuses

Active bonuses for subscribers GTA+ Can view here.