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GTA 5 – Most Viewed On March Twitch

Following the results of March GTA 5 for the first time in at least 5 years (data has been collected since 2016) became the first game streamed on Twitch. For 31 days of the month, its indicator was 181 million…
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Insider replied briefly about the era in GTA 6

Insider Tom Handerson, known to us by hearsay about female characters in GTA 6, answered a question from one of his readers. The answer may disappoint 80s fans. “Fifth time, please give us information on GTA 6.” © NG “Act…
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GTA Connected – multiplayer of all GTA

Meet Gta connected – alternative multiplayer, sheltering classic GTA under its wing, and bringing back the original multiplayer GTA 4… Here’s how to get to your favorite Grand Theft Auto cities with your friends. Let’s start with the main thing…
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Transform, compete and receive gifts from Rockstar

Finished air adventures, pay attention to the events of the free roam and the “Transformation” race – they will be subject to increased payments. In addition, all players will be presented with a rally sports car and Jock Cranly’s suits.…
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GTA 5 returned to Xbox Game Pass

Tomorrow, April 8th, GTA 5 will be available again to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. She will return after almost a year: at the beginning of 2020, debut in the program, and already in May “top five” replaced Red Dead Redemption…
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Dizzying Rockstar Cash Bonus Stunts

April 1 – we don’t trust anyone except Rockstar Games. They have prepared new bonuses and discounts in multiplayer GTA Online… Just like last week, we will continue our motorcycle club, we will go skydiving and receive a large cash…
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Bikers. Anything can be expected from them

Two-wheeled brothers and sisters – this week of bonuses and discounts in GTA Online given to all fans of biker communities. As an incentive to ride your bike, Rockstar Games will give you biker clothing, discount tricycles, and increase your…
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Light up in arena battles

Mad Max? Yes! Rhino hunting? Yes! A new week of bonuses and discounts in multiplayer has begun GTA Online… All offers will be valid until the morning of March 25. Profitable pursuits “Rhino hunting” – confrontation, where in three minutes…
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