New items in “Online”: two dreams of a stenser and a service carbine in free sale

AT GTA Online there are two new two-door coupes from Dinka, and a service carbine can now be bought for money at the nearest gun shop.

Dinka Postlude can be purchased from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website. Regular price – GTA$1,310,000, wholesale price (unlocked upon reaching a certain level of reputation of the car club) – 982,500.

On the same resource in the neighborhood there is a page with Dinka Kanjo SJ worth 1,027,500 – 1,370,000 GTA$ (the condition for unlocking the wholesale price is similar).

And in Ammu-Nation, the assortment was replenished with a service carbine, which in the game appeared a month ago. All this time, it could only be obtained in one way – by collecting 5 parts found at crime scenes (quite rare random event). Now you can not even strain, laying out 370 thousand.