Looking for a Fire Emblem PC game? Here are seven alternate options to strive

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a singular union of Persona and grid-based warfare. It manages to make constructing a military enjoyable in addition to a megalomaniacal necessity. Unfortunately, the fantastical TRPG (that’s tactical role-playing game) collection is unique to Nintendo platforms. Bummer. But don’t despair; there are a ton of comparable games obtainable proper now on PC.

Indeed, from tiny mech battles to post-apocalyptic street journeys, you may argue that there has by no means been a greater time to dive into traditional grid-based techniques games. They could not allow you to share tea together with your students-turned-soldiers, however the format has been utilized to an enormous vary of settings with a lot of twists thrown in, providing extra depth and variety in turn-based fight than we’ve sufficient free time to take pleasure in.

But when you fancy giving it a go, or wish to soothe your envy of your Switch-owning buddies, worry not; listed here are seven TRPG games on PC that may assist scratch that Fire Emblem itch.

We’re kicking off with among the finest new entrants within the grid- and turn-based techniques style in recent times: Into the Breach.

Into the Breach

Developed by Subset Games duo Justin Ma and Matthew Davis, Into the Breach is an unbelievable bite-sized technique game whose turn-based battle maps are solely eight areas tall and broad, however hey, if it’s adequate for chess it’s adequate for you. You’re out to save lots of humanity from the alien Vek, and can journey repeatedly again in time till you pull it off. You can improve your pilots and their mechs, which provides a pinch of RPG spice, however you’ll have to deal with them – permadeath is a factor. These roguelike components be sure that every marketing campaign throughout a collection of islands is exclusive.

Each mission is sort of a kaiju movie, with residents screaming in terror as large Vek monsters stand up from underground. What marks Into the Breach out from others on this listing is that, as a result of its tiny maps, the optimum path by every stage by no means feels too far out of your apprehension, making them really feel virtually extra like puzzles than battles.

Valkyria Chronicles 4

While not grid-based like Fire Emblem, Valkyria Chronicles places turn-based warfare on a scale in contrast to different games on this listing. The authentic boasts an enormous roster of characters which you’ll customise to fit your personal method to fight, a bit like an adventuring social gathering in a JRPG and a bit like Fire Emblem, with its a number of courses, weapons, and talents – besides you will get over 100 characters in your social gathering on this case.

The newest within the collection, Valkyria Chronicles 4, combines lengthy intervals of preparation at your own home base with a mixture of high-level and third-person, turn-based fight, unfold throughout big battlefields. Like its predecessors, Valkyria Chronicles Four places you within the sneakers of the troopers you management. You’ll deal with the place they transfer, assist them dodge enemy fireplace, and even line up their pictures. While it might really feel like a third-person shooter in these eventualities, it retains the factor of strategic warfare as you bounce from unit to unit throughout the battlefield.


Overland is about surviving in a publish apocalyptic cel-shaded wasteland. Like Into the Breach, it has small maps and roguelike components that emphasise the puzzle-solving dimension of grid-based gameplay. While fight is part of Overland, survival is the principle problem. You have to scavenge for provides, like fuel, and determine the best way to get previous roadblocks so as to progress.

Developed and revealed by Finji, Overland is only available on Itch.io proper now, with a Steam launch set for someday this autumn. It’s in ‘first access’, which is Finji’s time period for an alpha. You pays to personal the early construct and provides suggestions earlier than the total launch later this yr.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Set in a grungy cyberpunk universe, Shadowrun: Hong Kong (and Dragonfall earlier than it) is an incredible tactical expertise with three-dimensional characters, gorgeously gritty maps, and difficult gameplay.

Developer Harebrained Schemes has made three Shadowrun games based mostly on the unique tabletop game of the identical identify. Shadowrun Returns, Dragonfall, and Hong Kong all function equally high-quality tales, turn-based fight, and deep world constructing.


Wargroove is the indie reincarnation of Advance Wars, one of many icons of the turn-based techniques style however which, sadly, by no means got here to PC. Wargroove is a really advantageous various, nevertheless; its its battles are gigantic, with particular flying and aquatic models unfold throughout the map, distinctive hero models with particular skills, and a fantastical overarching narrative.

What’s even higher is that Wargroove has a passionate group filled with creators which have used its map creator to construct challenges and campaigns of their own.

Fae Tactics

While nonetheless in growth, Fae Tactics is a love letter to Final Fantasy Tactics – a spin-off from the well-known RPG collection and one other legend of the techniques style that by no means made it to PC. It tries to mix one of the best components from Advance Wars and different games right into a grid-based RPG that lays the whole lot out on the map. There are not any animation cutaways or separate menus; the whole lot occurs on one display, making Fae Tactics simpler to get misplaced in.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga tells a fantastical story formed by a collection of powerful choices. It’s a story-driven RPG with a mixture of grid-based battles and an interactive narrative impressed by Norse mythology – particularly its fixation on the top of the world. It’s as bleak as it’s stunning, with beautiful 2D artwork, paying homage to traditional Disney motion pictures, in each body.

Over the course of three games you’ll make tough decisions – like whether or not or to not assist strangers ravenous on the aspect of the street – which can have an effect on your military’s fight effectiveness, morale, and the story itself. Who is aware of if these strangers are literally thieves?

Tucked between these choices are difficult battles towards the Dredge, a menacing and mysterious race of stone golems who can simply wipe out your crew when you aren’t cautious.