GTA Online Bonuses: The Vespucci Heist (Remix), Biker Rumbles & Chef Adventures

GTA Online Bonuses: The Vespucci Heist (Remix), Biker Rumbles & Chef Adventures

Rockstar Games has introduced an improved version of the confrontation between the hijacker and the police. Members of the motorcycle club will be able to use their abilities for free, and the Revolter sports car will be a great reward for the most successful gamblers at Diamond Casino. All offers will be valid until the morning of June 2.

Profitable occupations

Criminal cases of presidents and chiefs

Robbery at Vespucci (remix) – An updated version of the exciting mode. Instead of Weeny Issi Classic, you will run away from the police in various vehicles. Here you will find motorcycles, muscle cars and helicopters. The task of the runner is to pass through the control points in a certain time. The task of the police is to intercept and block the runner. Competing in this Showdown will earn you Double GTA$ and Reputation Points.

Series Bunker, Diamond, Base – and all the showdowns associated with these locations will earn participants double GTA$ and reputation points.

Showdown motorcycle clubs – Includes missions and Clubhouse Challenges, earning Double GTA$ and Reputation Points. At all biker enterprises, the purchase of raw materials has become cheaper by 50%. Members of the motorcycle club during the week can use the abilities: Drop Testosterone Bull Shark, Request Transport, Drop Ammunition, Drop Molotov Cocktail and Drop Armor for free for a week.

Criminal organization – Do the work of the boss / chief and get double GTA$ and reputation points. And thugs and partners will receive double the salary.

Mobile Operations – will bring participants twice as much GTA$ and reputation points. Missions are launched from a ground mobile command post.

Imani services – become cheaper by 75%. Call her and ask her to bring a motorcycle with bulletproof wheels or hide you from the radar along with the gang members.

Confrontation - A Load Up Your Sleeve

Cargo up your sleeve – Safely and safely deliver the truck to the destination. Your opponents are tasked with destroying the truck. Playing this mode will earn you Double GTA$ and Reputation Points. The task is located at: “ESC → Network → Cases → Start a Business → Created by Rockstar → Confrontations”.

Prize transport

Prize transport - Übermacht Revolter

Experience fortune. Diamond Casino has free access to wheel of fortune. It can only be rotated once a day. Try to win GTA$, reputation points, clothes, secret prizes or prize vehicles.

Rockstar Games has updated the prize vehicle on the podium. Übermacht Revolter is a four-seater sports car. This is one of the best cars for trips with friends. The Revolter has very fast acceleration, good top speed, excellent brakes and, most importantly, amazing cornering stability. At certain moments when driving, “weight” is felt.

Premium Challenge

Complete the Premium Challenge and get the Bravado Youga as a reward

A premium transport was installed on an impromptu podium in the LS car club. Bravado Youga is up for grabs this week. This is a reward for completing a premium challenge.

Visit the LS Auto Club with your own vehicle and finish in the top five of the LS Auto Club race series over two days. Once you meet the conditions, go to the LS Auto Club, then press M → LS Auto Club → Premium Challenge → Get Vehicles → Select any garage.

Test machines

Test track Vulcar Fagaloa, Declasse Vamos and Dinka Jester RR

Three cars can be tested on the test track of the LS car club every week. This allows you to evaluate not only the visual, but also the technical characteristics of the cars – test drive this week in-game on Vulcar Fagaloa, Declasse Vamos and Dinka Jester RR.


The property:

  • biker businesses — 30% discount,
  • warehouses for special cargo — 30% discount,
  • garages — 30% discount.


  • classic sports car Vulcar Fagaloa — 40% discount,
  • military all-terrain vehicle Vapid Caracara — 30% discount,
  • SUV Declasse Granger 3600LX — 30% discount,
  • limousine with machine gun Benefactor Turreted Limo — 30% discount,
  • Declasse Vamos muscle car — 30% off.

Time Trial – Kalafia Way

Time trial can bring up to 104,000 GTA$. You will be paid a one-time payment of 100,000GTA$ for conquering the required time + from 1,000GTA$ to 4,000GTA$ for the difficulty of the track. The Time Trial is the best opportunity to show off your craving for records or earn over $100,000 GTA$ fast.

RC Time Trial – Davis-Quartz

RC Bandito owners can take part in a special time trial.

Owning an RC Bandito is only possible if there is a garage in the workshop of the Maze Bank arena. Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website and purchase the RC Bandito.

RC time test can bring up to 104,000 GTA$. You will be paid a one-time payment of 100,000GTA$ for conquering the required time + from 1,000GTA$ to 4,000GTA$ for the difficulty of the track.

Premium Race – Cutting Corners (Supercars Only)

Starting with the Contract update, Rockstar Games changed the launch system for premium races: now the icon has changed its color from yellow to pink and has moved to the Vinewood area.

To participate in the premium race, you must pay an entry fee of 20,000 GTA$. Drive into the pink circle with the $ sign or use Quick Play on your phone (Start Quick Play → Series → Active Premium Race) and join the competition. Each victory in the race will bring – 100,000 GTA$, second place – 30,000 GTA $, third place – 20,000 GTA $ and three times the accrual of reputation points for all racers.

In premium races, the settings are activated: interception, air bag and non-contact mode. You can increase your chances of winning if you choose top cars in racing classes GTA Online.

HSW Time Trial – “Sandy Shores to La Puerta”

Owners of GTA 5 Remastered on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, take part in special time trials. The event can only be started on vehicles that have received modifications at Hao’s auto repair shop. The HSW Time Trial can bring in up to 254,000GTA$. You will be paid a one-time payment of 250,000GTA$ for conquering the required time + from 1,000GTA$ to 4,000GTA$ for the difficulty of the track.

Special Offers for Rockstar Games + Twitch Prime Members

Special offers for Rockstar Games and Twitch Prime members

Bonuses Rockstar Games Social Club affiliate program with Twitch Prime from May 26 to June 29:

  • main – 100,000 GTA$;
  • additional – 100,000 GTA$ for each week;
  • GTA+ subscribers will get another 100,000 GTA$ per week.

In total, players can receive 700,000 GTA$ in three weeks.

Bonus for GTA 5 Remastered Owners

Special bonuses for owners of GTA 5 re-release on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Premium test from HSW – Übermacht Sentinel XS – a tribute to the GTA classics. Pumping a sports car in Hao’s auto repair shop clearly benefited and he became even faster. Get behind the wheel!