From the tale of Fecici Nutclap to the goose that eliminated a titan, these Dwarf Fortress tales are gold

Fanart of Dwarf Fortress's Fecici Nutclap
(Image credit scores: AetherealVanguard)

Dwarf Fortress has actually been offered to a bigger target market on Steam for one month, as well as I’ve chosen to note the celebration by investing a couple of hrs surfing Reddit for the most outrageous tales gamers have actually needed to inform. Friends, the bounty below is past visualizing.

Many of these tales are essentially one-liners, like the dwarven queen that has actually invested half-a-century holding – as well as winning – a crossbow-throwing contest (opens up in brand-new tab) Or the nude goblin (opens up in brand-new tab) that strolled right into a bar with absolutely nothing with the exception of a duplicate of a publication called “Never Underestimate the Goblin”.

Taverns appear to draw in nakedness, just like the instance of the nude beast killer called Fecici Nutclap (opens up in brand-new tab), that has actually also produced his very own fanart thanks to individual AetherealVanguard (opens up in brand-new tab)

fecici_nutclap_monster_slayer from r/dwarffortress

But there are much longer tales, also, such as KyleChief’s tale (opens up in brand-new tab) of trying to torment a certain frustrating dwarf youngster to fatality in a space packed with 30 heartbreaking pet cats. The outcome? The dwarf embraced those pet cats as well as ended up being treated of anxiety. Heartwarming things.

We’ve all possibly enjoyed Lord of the Rings sufficient to understand that fairies as well as dwarves despise each various other. Friendly exchange over orc eliminates has absolutely nothing on i_am_law’s necromancer dwarf (opens up in brand-new tab), nonetheless, that has actually proceeded reanimating as well as eliminating the exact same fairy over as well as over. This procedure has actually duplicated a minimum of 121 times.

Then there’s the goose that dropped a titan. Finding a titan ready to strike, Jacob YNWA evacuated his dwarves (opens up in brand-new tab) to the inside of their citadel. “I completely forgot that I left my goose in the field outside and accepted that they would swiftly be eaten. However, after checking on all my dwarves to make sure they made it inside safely I panned back over to my goose to see that he had killed the titan in a 1v1 battle. It was a short fight, the titan broke both the goose’s little legs and with no way to move the goose latched on to the titan’s neck and ripped it apart.” (Never mind the reality that the titan was most likely constructed from fallen leaves.)

To end this summary, I’m mosting likely to share Speedwagon’s Steam review (opens up in brand-new tab) You could’ve currently seen it. If not, it’s gold. “Two giant boars wandered in and ate a bunch of children. They then also killed and ate three dwarfs who attempted to help the children. My mayor then walked up to the giant boars and killed them both with her bare hands. She has now won six straight elections in a row.”

We’ll see if all the brand-new gamers take care of to leading the worst thing the Dwarf Fortress community ever did.




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