Zelda followers frustrated as someone made the Tears of the Kingdom subreddit a week ago

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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Eight days back, a Reddit individual established r/tearsofthekingdom (opens up in brand-new tab), well in advance of today’s reveal that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would be the title of the follow up to Breath of the Wild.

The subreddit was produced on September 4, 2022 by a customer called milonssecretcastle (opens up in brand-new tab) A solitary ‘lounge (opens up in brand-new tab)‘ blog post, typical in brand-new Reddit discussion forums, was produced on the very same day, identified as a “place for members of r/tearsofthekingdom to chat with each other.” The subreddit saw nothing else task up until today, when followers anxious to talk about the brand-new Zelda game came across it in Reddit’s search results page.

One of the subreddit’s initial brand-new articles, just labelled “bruh< period course=" sr-only"> (opens in new tab),” summarize the view. “How is this over a week old,” individual Excellus asks. “Did the creator know about the name already? If it was like 5 months old yea it could be a coincidence, but since it’s only 8 days old hmmmm?”

The concept that it’s a coincidence is more hurt by the name of the subreddit’s developer: milonssecretcastle. Milon’s Secret Castle is among the Famicom’s most renowned instances of ‘kusoge (opens up in brand-new tab),’ or ‘shitty games,’ amongst Japanese gamers, and also though it was launched in North America on the NES, it’s absolutely not so widely known amongst Western gamers. Clearly, this individual understands video clipgames The milonssecretcastle account was produced 6 months ago – long prior to the subreddit was produced – yet it has no blog post background.

For currently, individuals are practically persuaded this was either a Nintendo worker getting the subreddit name early, or a leaker aiming to profit from within expertise. There’s no indicator anybody beyondNintendo understood about the Tears of the Kingdom name early, nonetheless – while little bits of today’s Nintendo Direct did leak ahead of schedule, there’s no indicator that the title of the Breath of the Wild follow up had actually struck the web.

Fans are still mystified over what Tears of the Kingdom actually even means, yet they’re still going bananas over the announcement of the new Zelda game.


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