Zelda: Breath of the Wild information – Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Walkthrough – Main Quest: Divine Beast Vah Medoh Dungeon

So, you’ve made it – you’re aboard the large flying divine beast. There’s fairly the view of Hyrule from up right here.

In earlier Zelda outings this is able to’ve been named as a dungeon or temple, although that is nonetheless fairly completely different to what these ideas had been in earlier video games.

Here’s what you must know: Your aim is to activate 5 completely different terminals scattered round Vah Medoh. The dungeon structure is sort of open, so the problem is in attending to or activating these terminals slightly than opening locked doorways and such.

Once you get entry to the map you’ll additionally be capable to make Vah Medoh transfer its wings, and doing this tilts and twists the entire dungeon, transferring objects round. So.. let’s get that map.

Inside Vah Medoh: Getting a Map

Once the cutscene has performed out, flip round and look behind you in direction of Vah Medoh’s tail. There’s a chest again right here, and a few Ganon corruption gunk. This is a pleasant straightforward begin to the dungeon – simply stroll again there, use the brief ramp to leap over the corruption, then seize the chest.

Once you’ve opened the chest, look to the proper of it. There’s a corruption eye factor (what are this stuff?!), and should you shoot it with an arrow the corruption that was beforehand in your means will disappear.

Turn again and head by means of the doorway correct. Into the stomach of the beast! There’s Ganon’s corruption forward, however should you look to the proper hand facet of it there’s an eye fixed you possibly can shoot to do away with it, similar to with the chest.

Walk forwards, experience the updraft together with your paraglider, and when you find yourself on the center space with steel blocks remember if you must you should utilize your Magenesis rune energy to tug them into a greater place.

Run and bounce throughout, kill the lone guardian, then obtain the map on the terminal. Now for the truly tough half… we have to activate 5 terminals.

Inside Vah Medoh: Terminal 1

If you head out of the map obtain room and hook proper then drop down onto a ledge there’s a chest you may get. Drop down as soon as extra and there’s a chest lined in Ganon corruption. The eye within the center is a tough bow shot to make, however it’s also possible to get it by tossing a bomb into the center and detonating.

Take the updraft again to the primary corridor, with the steel blocks you possibly can transfer with Magnesis. They’re all properly and good, nevertheless it’s the stone ones we need to transfer… and we will. You can both use stasis to freeze and hit these blocks or tilt Vah Medoh on the map display screen to make them transfer – both works.

With that famous, use that to go to the opening in direction of the proper wing of Vah Medoh. One of the stone blocks could be moved proper to that opening to offer a platform.

In this room there’s some corruption on the ceiling that’ll spit out enemies on the far finish, so run down there and take that out with a well-placed arrow first.

Now hit the swap in the midst of the room. That swap will open a window, sending wind gushing in. There are followers on the ceiling… we all know what to do, proper? Very Wind Waker.

One of the fan switches is already within the air’s path, so go away that for now. The different must be pushed there. Hit it with Stasis, then with a bomb arrow – it is best to have a few of these left. It might take two goes, however you’ll get it into place. A small gate will open.

In the trail of the air behind the followers is a huge battering ram, and up the way in which from it’s a swap. By reducing the barrier we will now use these two collectively.

Once once more it’s stasis or tilt – both tilt Vah Medoh a method then the opposite to make the ram draw again and slam the swap or freeze the ram with stasis and slam it a bunch with a heavy weapon. I truly discovered stasis a bit of simpler/faster.

Behind the door that opens is your first terminal. Onto the following!


Inside Vah Medoh: Terminal 2

Head again to the primary room. Use both stasis or chicken tilting to place one of many blocks as such you can bounce onto the grill on the different facet of the room.

Climb it, open the chest on the high, then shoot the attention to take away the Ganon corruption stopping entry to the left wing of the beast.

Head into the left wing of Vah Medoh. Take out the attention behind the corruption with a cautious shot so you possibly can work in peace.

Hit the swap in the proper nook of the room, then head up the ramp and round till you’re above the present of wind. Jump and paraglide throughout to the second terminal. That one was straightforward!

Inside Vah Medoh: Terminal three

In the identical room as the place you bought the second terminal, head to the far nook the place the swap is. Hit the swap after which drop a bomb by means of the little gap. It’ll roll down (you possibly can tilt the wings through the map display screen to hurry up the ball through gravity) after which hit an cracked-looking blockage. Detonate.

Repeat this once more, this time winding the bomb across the path by utilizing wing tilting (tilt the wing down, then have the open window blow the bomb throughout the room.

The bomb will find yourself at one other wall you possibly can blow to smithereens, so do this. You free a big steel ball.

Tilt the wings right down to free the ball of its cage after which seize it by means of the window(!) with Magnesis.

Place it on the tracks the bomb was on – you possibly can see the swap the opposite facet of the room, proper? Tilt the wings and watch the ball roll and hit it exhausting.

The door will open. Head proper in and seize terminal three.


Inside Vah Medoh: Terminal four

Leave this room – go again to the primary corridor and drop right down to the decrease ground. Take the one path that isn’t lined in corruption out to the surface and underside of Vah Medoh’s wings. That’s… fairly the drop. Don’t fall.

There’s a small basket proper in entrance of you – look and see it’s on the identical sort of railing as all of the stuff you’ve been transferring with the wings or with stasis.

From a distance (sure, it’s a troublesome shot) hit the attention on the corruption to clear it away, then get within the basket and tilt the wings so the basket will carry you to the opposite facet.

Head up the steps right here… and there’s a terminal proper there! Terminal 4 is down. One to go.

Inside Vah Medoh: Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is on the opposite facet of the underside of Vah Medoh from Terminal 4, besides the place Terminal 4 had a beautiful, easy basket to hold you throughout this terminal isn’t so type – it’s simply hanging out, and the one approach to get there may be some precarious gliding.

Remember a tilt of the wings will make the platform a bit of decrease – for me this made it simpler to succeed in.

Download Terminal 5, then put together your self. Glide again to security (once more, tilting the wings in order that your vacation spot is decrease is useful should you’re nervous) after which set the chicken’s wings flat once more.

It’s time to take again this Divine Beast. From right here on the underside of the chicken you’ll be capable to glide onto the highest of its wings on an up-draft. Here you’ll discover the primary terminal. Activate it.


Boss: Windblight Ganon

Windblight Ganon flies, and also you’re atop the wings of a flying beast which is all… properly, it’s all very acceptable. This boss warps across the battlefield and has a robust slate of each up-close and long-distance assaults.

You do have one slight benefit, nonetheless – bear in mind how you bought onto Vah Medoh within the first place? Fans with updrafts are scattered round Vah Medoh’s wings, and should you get in a single you possibly can bounce and deploy your paraglider to get excessive within the air.

Once you’re floating, get a bead on Windblight Ganon and intention for its eye, making use of the slow-motion firing-while-mid-air bonus that you just get when pulling you bow out mid-glide. Keep doing this. If you’ve acquired leftover bomb arrows out of your assault on Vah Medoh earlier, now’s the time to make use of them.

When Vah Medoh switches phases it is best to actually pull out the large weapons. The drone-like enemies it deploys to assist itself could make issues actually hazardous, they usually actively work to forestall you from utilizing the updrafts. Focus in your strongest instruments, and should you knock Vah Medoh down waste no time in getting in there with a sword.

Don’t overlook to make use of meals and elixirs to buff your self too, particularly within the second section.

When the combat is finished there’ll be one other pretty cutscene and also you’ll get Revali’s Gale, a brand new capability that permits you to carry out three super-high jumps. When you’ve performed three, the power will take a while to recharge.