Xbox silently removes the awful God of War ripoff

War Gods Zeus of Child disappears

War Gods Zeus of Child
(Image credit history: Kolaka Ltd.)

A God of War ripoff that was readily available on the Xbox Store has actually been drawn.

As was initially reported previously today, War Gods Zeus of Child (yes, that is its real name) appeared on the Xbox Store for COMPUTER and also Xbox gamers alike. It included a lawfully equivalent Kratos hacking away at a limitless stream of adversaries in a barebones field.

There was definitely no obstacle to War Gods Zeus ofChild The game merely charged you to cut and also dice a zillion uninteresting adversaries, either till you quit and also deserted the game, or till Kratos satisfied his ultimate death through numerous beasts.

Eurogamer (opens up in brand-new tab) currently reports that the ripoff has actually formally been eliminated from theXbox Store It shows up to have actually been removed from the store front totally previously today, August 4, and also when gotten in touch with concerning the game and also its elimination, Microsoft decreased to comment.

God of War isn’t also the only game that designerDolaka Ltd has actually scammed. The workshop likewise launched a game called Dinasaur Falling Survival which, odd title regardless of (it truly is Dinasaur, not Dinosaur), shamelessly scammed Mediatonic’s hit Fall Guys, charging gamers with going through a collection of challenge programs with whacky physics. There’s also a Mario ripoff called Classic Platformer Mariones, and also what resembles a Devil May Cry or Superhot apparition calledShooter Garenattacks

You can play the extremely actual Fall Guys today throughout computer, Xbox, PlayStation, and also Nintendo Switch, and also the extremely actual God of War Ragnarok will certainly be introducing later on this year on November 9 for PS4 and also PS5 gaming consoles.

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