Xbox: a new update for Microsoft consoles, Xbox Game Pass highlighted

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Xbox: a new update for Microsoft consoles, the Xbox Game Pass highlighted

Microsoft has rolled out a brand new update to its Xbox consoles, as the US manufacturer announces in an official press release. The Redmond company continues to put the package on the Xbox Game Pass. “UA dedicated section will now appear when your friends are playing an Xbox Game Pass title, we are told. You can then directly join an open multiplayer session or start the installation of the titles that your friends are playing.


This is not all, since it is also underlined that “dIn the Game Pass section of your console, you will be able to discover new recommendations, depending on the titles you have played for example, or classified in categories such as “Multiplayer”. We have added a lot of categories, like FPS, Sci-Fi, Horror, Sandbox, Mystery, Anime, Fantasy and more. Thanks to these new categories located directly in the Game Pass section of your console, you can always find your new favorite game, depending on the mood of the moment.

This update also takes care of downloads and apps / games that may slow them down. “You will now know when the game running in the background slows down your downloads and you can pause it to free up bandwidth and thus obtain the best possible download speed., assures Microsoft. Then, thanks to the Quick Resume function, you can resume your game where you left off.


Finally, some adjustments have also been made to the Achievements, since as requested by the community, the Xbox application on iOS and Android will once again allow you to view our Achievements. “You will also be able to view achievements from a game’s “details” page. Before the end of the month, everyone will be able to take advantage of these updates in the app and we will continue to refine the experience over time.“, guarantees Microsoft.



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