Where to locate Archie in Destiny 2

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Where is Archie in Destiny 2? Yes, the beloved robotic canine added during Season of the Seraph is missing as part of April 2024’s Into the Light update.

As part of the various “Where in the System is Archie” quests — which are being staggered out week-by-week in the lead up to The Final Shape — you’ll need to hunt him down in various locations throughout Destiny 2’s world.

In this Destiny 2 guide, I’ll help you find Archie so you can claim some Trophy of Bravery tokens, the Blue Steel shader, and the “Where in the System is Archie” Triumph.

Note: As of this writing, Archie has only appeared in The Tower as part of the April 23 weekly reset. We’ll continue to update this guide each week to help you find Archie wherever he may appear.

How to start the ‘Where in the System is Archie?’ quest in Destiny 2

To start the Archie quest, you’ll first need to visit him in the Annex, which is down the stairs from the Tower Bazaar.

Normally you can find Archie lounging on a blanket outside of the old Black Armory area, where Ada-1 hangs out. But if you try and visit him, you’ll notice that he’s gone and there are some green paw prints leading toward Ada.

Investigate the prints and go talk to Ada-1.

‘Where in the Tower is Archie?’ locations in Destiny 2

After you’ve looked at the paw prints, Ada-1 will offer you the “Where in the Tower is Archie?” quest. Accept it and get ready for a scavenger hunt.

‘Archie heard about something called ramen …’

Your first clue is that Archie is looking for ramen. Thankfully, there’s a ramen shop nearby.

Leave Ada’s chambers and turn left. Head up the stairs into the Bazaar. Across from where Ikora stands you’ll see a Fallen hanging out by some stools. Behind the counter of the nearby shop you’ll find Archie’s first set of footprints.

Investigate them to progress the quest.

‘Archie wanted to go pay his respects to a famous gunslinger’

The next prompt explains that Archie wants to pay his respect to a “famous gunslinger,” which is Cayde-6, the former Hunter Vanguard killed during the Forsaken expansion.

Head to the main area of The Tower and walk toward Zavala and the Ironwood Tree. To the left of the tree is a small bust of Cayde sitting on a pillar.

Walk up to it and you’ll see Archie’s footprints. Interact with them to progress the quest.

‘Archie took off past the security checkpoint to salute a feathered friend’

Next, you’ll hear that Archie went to visit a feathered friend. This prompt is talking about Colonel — Cayde-6’s chicken companion — who you can find in the Hangar.

From the main landing zone of The Tower, head left and down to the Hangar. Immediately when you walk in, turn right and you’ll see a partially built ship and some Fallen standing around. You’ll see Archie’s green footprints over by a small screen and a chicken.

This is where Cayde-6 used to stand in the Tower. Interact with Archie’s footprints to progress the quest.

‘Archie’s last stop. He wandered into an open air duct in the Hangar …’

For the final part of this quest, the prompt will tell you that you’ll need to follow Archie through a mysterious air duct in the Tower Hangar. If you were around during the old Leviathan’s Breath quest, you’ll know exactly where to go. If not, keep scrolling.

From your visit with Cayde’s chicken, take the stairs that lead up to the upper area of the Hangar. Make your way over to the top of the Future War Cult (FWC) room and look toward the stairs that lead back to Zavala and company. You’ll see a small landing and pathway. Follow the arrow in the image above and jump over to this new area.

Once you land, follow the path through to a room with a holographic table, then through a doorway that leads to a small vent. Climb in the vent and out the other side.

You’ll now find yourself in the security checkpoint room. Just ahead of you, you’ll see Archie.

Approach him and “offer Pawsitive Reinforcement” to progress the quest.

Once you’re done, return to Ada-1 in the Annex. She’ll give you 10 Trophy of Bravery tokens (useful for getting Brave weapons) and an Expired Raman coupon, which doesn’t do anything, but is a cute little token to remember the quest by.

Because this is the first leg of this quest, you’ll also earn the “Where in the System is Archie” Triumph, which will net you the Blue Steel shader.

Stay tuned for more Archie locations following the April 30th weekly reset. Until then, if you’re looking for more to do in the Into the Light update, you can complete “The Whisper”, find Oracle locations and upgrade Whisper of the Worm with Taken Blights.


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