When will the GTA 6 trailer be shown?

A week and a half ago Rockstar Games announced that he will release the first trailer for his 25th anniversary GTA 6. There is no specific date for the anniversary – the company was founded in December 1998, and there is no indication of the exact day anywhere. We believe that the founders themselves do not know this. But in a statement, Sam Houser, president of R*, clarified that the video will be shown at the beginning of the month. This somewhat narrows the search for the probable hour X.

You need to start with the fact that the first half of December in this particular case will end on the 12th. On this day, judging by current period GTA+, if there are no delays, the winter add-on for Online will be released. Surely the developers will need one more day to present the DLC: issue a press release, publish its trailer. Taking into account that we can discard weekends and leave only weekdays, we have the following dates:

  • December 1, Friday
  • December 4, Monday
  • December 5, Tuesday
  • December 6, Wednesday,
  • December 7, Thursday
  • December 8, Friday
  • December 11, Monday.

For “rock stars,” as for many, Monday is a hard day, and they usually don’t publish then. Tuesday the 5th and Thursday the 7th are busy with the start of a new bonus month in Red Dead Online and a week in GTA Online, however, there were precedents when, in parallel with them, for example, on Thursday, something was announced. Therefore, these days cannot be completely excluded. Moreover, how users counted, for the last 15 years, Rockstar game trailers have been released on either Wednesday or Thursday. It turns out that 06.12 and 07.12 remain possible options. But the eighth, as it seems to us, will be staked out for the announcement of the “Online” update.

A special place in the schedule is Thursday, December 7th. On this day, the prestigious event The Game Awards will take place, during which they will not only hand out prizes for the best games of the year, but will also demonstrate trailers for new products. The GTA 6 show would not only fit in perfectly, but would become the main event of the ceremony, which, by the way, is being held for the tenth time, and is clearly not averse to such hype. But Rockstar Games are known for broadly ignoring any exhibitions, awards, etc. The company does an excellent job on its own, publishing on its own resources. They have no need for additional advertising. Unless Jeff Keely shipped R* a bunch of evergreens that was simply unprecedented for such an exclusive. But does he have such an opportunity?.. Another argument that speaks against demonstrating the “six” at the TGA is the timing of the event. In Europe it will be already late – in Kyiv the ceremony will begin at half past two in the morning and end at six in the morning (02:30 – 06:00) on Friday, the 8th.

Will GTA 6 be shown at The Game Awards?  Fan illustration.

In 2007 and 2011 before the trailers were released GTA 4 And GTA 5 Timers were launched on the official website with a time report. There is nothing like this in relation to the “six” yet, and perhaps there will not be. Our forecast: the GTA 6 trailer will be posted on December 1, Friday, a typical day for announcements and announcements. This will instantly reduce the tension. And when, if not on the first day of the month, should an anniversary be celebrated if it does not have a specific date? This will be a regular post for developers. No frills and no display inside GTA Online in the style of Fortnite, which would be at least interesting to watch (there are enough platforms in the game: public and home cinemas, Arena, etc.). But probably with the fact that the official website will simply be put down. If we are wrong, then we may have to watch TGA 2023 on the night of the 7th to the 8th.

Source: gta.com.ua