What if Dishonored 2 have been a clockwork pop-up e-book narrated by the Outsider?

Dishonored 2’s story in a compact however compellingly detailed type.

This Dishonored 2 trailer introduces you to the primary narrative themes and characters, whereas leaving a bunch of dangling story hooks to be answered in-game.

Also, it’s beautiful. If solely it have been doable to provide an actual pop-up e-book of this complexity and make it the particular version when Dishonored 2 launches in just over a week. You’d in all probability must mortgage the home to pay for it however it might double as a espresso desk, maybe.

I need to say for the document that regardless of my headline I don’t know if the Outsider is admittedly narrating this video. It does sound a bit like him, with that whispery echo, however goodness is aware of. I hope he turns up loads in Dishonored 2, and that there’s a like two dads factor with him and Corvo over Emily.