‘What happens if Kirby swallows a hot man?’ His supervisors offer solutions

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Kirby nestled in a field of cake frosting, gazing up with shimmering doe eyes, adorably

Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo

Kirby consists of many enigmas inside that charming pink tummy. What takes place to the animals he consumes? Does he have a skeletal system? Could Kirby autumn in love?

Dear viewers, these are the concerns I so usually learn through you in our remarks and also on social networks. Undeterred by the threat of embarrassment, I took it upon myself to obtain some solutions when offered the uncommon chance to speak with individuals that understand Kirby finest: the supervisors of his games.

HAL Laboratory executive supervisor Shinya Kumazaki and also experienced supervisor Tatsuya Kamiyama remained in San Francisco to commemorate (one year late) the 30th wedding anniversary of the renowned humanlike orb. After providing a discussion to a huge, jam-packed hall at the Game Developers Conference, Kuamazaki and also Kamiyama took a seat with me to speak Kirby tradition.

We talked in detail concerning the innovative procedure behind Kirby games, and also I will certainly be sharing even more of that discussion quickly. But considering that you’ve waited years to understand what takes place when a Kirby ingests one more Kirby, I didn’t desire you to wait one more day for a response.

Simple, wallpaper style artwork of Kirby’s facial features

Image: Nintendo

Polygon: Will or could Kirby ever before drop in love?

Shinya Kumazaki: I seem like Kirby is a neutral personality. It’s truly the gamer’s feeling that obtains shown and also recognized beyond of the display. I assume that’s what makes Kirby special. Because of that, we attempt not to have Kirby share feelings that may not be really felt by the gamer. Extreme feelings, like temper or weeping.

With that claimed, if within the tale there’s a series where the gamer may seem like they’re falling for somebody — if that’s the experience we develop — after that I don’t assume it’s difficult to have Kirby’s eyes become hearts. Or possibly Kirby is flushing. I don’t assume that’s outside the world of opportunity.

With that claimed, we haven’t had a title in the collection that concentrated on dropping in love. For me, directly, I really hope Kirby stays the type of personality that takes points as they come.

Tatsuya Kamiyama: But what I can state is what Kirby does love is scrumptious food!

If you reduced open Kirby, what would certainly the within resemble?

Kumazaki: Dreams. Filled with desires. Of training course, we intend to maintain a mystical side to Kirby. So I’ll state we will certainly maintain it an enigma.

Kirby’s Adventure box art

Image: HAL Laboratory/Nintendo

What takes place if a Kirby ingests one more Kirby?

Kumazaki: Kirby’s capability is to ingest and also duplicate an item’s capability. In previous games, there would certainly be times when a yellow Kirby obtained ingested by a pink Kirby. Pink Kirby would certainly spew it out. So truly absolutely nothing would certainly occur. In regards to game layout, we haven’t developed anything unique response related to that.

But offered Kirby’s capability is to duplicate, and also it ingests a Kirby with the exact same capability, absolutely nothing would certainly transform. Though I do assume it would certainly be amusing if it made 2 Kirby.

What takes place to the animals Kirby swallows and also where do they go?

Kumazaki: Because the base globe is a dream globe, it’s not like they obtain ingested and also absorbed within Kirby. Because that may be rough, and also due to the fact that we made the game to be friendly, having that type of severe or fierce expression may negate making the game so friendly.

Instead, we have this humorous, amusing representation where the opponents poof. When an adversary or animal obtains ingested by Kirby, they might go away however they do resurface elsewhere on the planet.

Kirby imagines a superhero that would inspire him in his adventures. The image is from a panel at GDC 2023.

Image: HAL Laboratories

At GDC, you revealed superheroes with Kirby. Are those objectified variations of Kirby? Or are they superheroes influenced by Kirby?

Kumazaki: That was for the target market to comprehend what kind of hero Kirby considers, when he considers a hero. So it’s not objectified.

A previous associate (Wired’s Megan Farokhmanesh) went to the GDC panel with me and also was struck by the superhero Kirby. She elevated an essential inquiry: If Kirby ingested a warm male, would certainly he become a warm male?

Kumazaki: I assume your good friend may have seen the muscle mass and also power the photos portrayed. I assume Kirby’s capability would certainly remain in line with that said. And he’d possibly have actually a hat related to it. But his face would certainly not become warm Kirby.

Not sharp angles.

Kumazaki: Still round.


Source: Polygon

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