Watch gameplay of the deadly new, shotgun-only, Battlefield 1 customized mode Eye to Eye

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Does making everybody run with shotguns amplify or suppress complaints about how they will generally be overpowered?

Alongside the latest Battlefield 1 patch, DICE launched a brand new map and unlocked a brand new customized recreation mode. The mode is known as Eye to Eye, and it’s mainly shotgun heaven.

Eye to Eye is a variant of Domination, performed solely on Amiens. Ticket rely is upped 200 %, to offset the elevated lethality. Oh, and also you don’t regenerate misplaced well being. What’s extra, as a result of you possibly can’t spawn as a medic, once you’re useless, you’re useless.

In his video above, Westie brings you a full spherical of the customized mode, demonstrating that even when your HP is right down to a single digit, you possibly can nonetheless do nicely.

It undoubtedly seems to be prefer it requires a special mindset when taking part in than your normal Battlefield match, as a result of we’re used to hiding behind cowl ready for the well being regen to kick more often than not.