Warning: Pokémon have the potential to be lethal to humans

Tinkaton standing behind a trainer taking a selfie. The trainer has a worried look on her face.

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This isn’t truly a trick, yet a Pokémon might eliminate a human at any kind of factor if it intended to. These precious animals harness essential powers well past the toughness of any kind of human, as well as also a lowly Weedle might quickly incapacitate or eliminate an individual. If you truly think of it, every Pokémon instructor is just one Razor Leaf or Flamethrower far from fatality.

For the lengthiest time, it’s been fairly simple to neglect these type of obscurities of the Pokémon globe. I, for one, am far more concentrated on taking charming selfies with my Pawmot as well as much less worried about overthinking every inexplicable information worldwide. However, brand-new material in the initial component of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC, called The Teal Mask, brings several of these inquiries to the leading edge in an unexpected method.

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for the story in the first part of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC, The Teal Mask.]

In component among Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: The Teal Mask, fitness instructors endeavor to the land of Kitakami. As we play, we discover the community has a regional tale that occurred generations earlier. According to the tale, 3 Pokémon — Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti — as soon as conserved the community from a rampant troll. At the moment the tale occurs in the game, the townspeople call these Pokémon “the Loyal Three” as well as recognize them in a regional event. However, as we discover more concerning the background of the town, we uncover this tale has a secret dark side to it.

The DLC presents 2 brand-new personalities to the game: Kieran as well as Carmine, brother or sisters as well as neighborhood occupants of the area. At the event, Carmine as well as the gamer experience a mystical Pokémon called Ogerpon that drops its teal mask in concern. It’s approximately the gamer to after that return the mask. As component of the mainline mission, the gamer as well as Carmine reveal the mask to Carmine’s grandpa, that after that discloses that the promoted variation of the tale is a lie.

As it ends up, truth bad guys of the tale were the Loyal Three. They aren’t, as a matter of fact, devoted; rather, they relatively killed Ogerpon’s just close friend as well as instructor. In truth variation of the tale, the troll — a manageable Ogerpon — lived its life as a castaway together with its human instructor after being denied by the neighborhood citizens for looking various. Only one citizen, a mask manufacturer, pitied Ogerpon as well as its instructor, as well as he made them lovely masks as a present so they might assimilate at the neighborhood event. The masks were discovered for their charm as well as high quality, as well as this at some point brought in the focus of money grubbing Pokémon — the Loyal Three. One day, the Loyal Three determined to swipe the masks.

Carmine’s grandfather states truth tale as complies with: “The man happened to be there. He managed to hold on to one of the masks… but he was not strong enough to protect them all. The Pokémon stole the other three masks. Several hours later, the ogre returned to the cave… It found its beloved home in ruin. All that was left were the signs of a struggle and a teal mask.”

The tale doesn’t state these 3 Pokémon killed the male outright, yet all indications indicate his fatality. Following the burglary of the masks, the tale discontinues to point out the male, as well as Carmine’s grandpa states that the troll went back to its house “alone and with great sadness.”

So, although it’s never ever clearly mentioned, it resembles the Pokémon collection has among its initial large instances of Pokémon murder. The tale acts as a serious pointer: You understand those battle-ready animals that can adjust the aspects as well as let loose effective assaults primarily at will? Well, you could not intend to hop on their poor side.


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