Vvardenfell maps knowledge mined from The Elder Scrolls Online recommend Morrowind DLC inbound

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The Elder Scrolls Online could make our long-cherished desires come true.


Bethesda might be by no means going to remake Morrowind, as beloved and now sadly janky as it’s, however right here’s the following smartest thing: Vvardenfell in The Elder Scrolls Online.

This Elder Scrolls Online Reddit thread incorporates stacks of hyperlinks to data and pictures allegedly pulled from the MMORPG’s information by FloorBelow.

There’s sufficient materials and documentation that it’s a really spectacular faux if it’s not legit, and the group appears fairly satisfied its actual. Excellent Elder Scrolls fan portal UESP is already cataloguing all of the sights of The Elder Scrolls Online’s model of Vvardenfell.

On prime of that, as dominoid73 identified, Morrowind turns 15 within the second quarter of this yr. What a wonderful time for DLC, proper?

Vvardenfell, a single island district within the province of Morrowind, was the setting for the 2002 Elder Scrolls launch. The RPG’s launch on Xbox made the sequence a family identify amongst avid gamers and is the topic of a substantial amount of nostalgia. Plenty of Morrowind is out there to discover in The Elder Scrolls, together with some locations present in Morrowind, however Vvardenfell itself has not been out there.

Although gamers had been capable of go to the close by province of Morrowind throughout The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, that journey takes place on Solstheim, one other island, and one featured in Morrowind’s Bloodmoon DLC. Vvardenfell itself is off-limits throughout the time in The Elder Scrolls continuity when Skyrim takes place, as a result of the Red Mountain erupted and made the place just about uninhabitable. I all the time felt that was Bethesda’s method of avoiding making one other sport in the identical setting, which might in all probability be fairly boring for it.

The Elder Scrolls on-line, nevertheless, is ready within the Second Era – effectively earlier than even the occasions of Morrowind within the Third Era and Skyrim within the Fourth Era. A go to to Vvardenfell is effectively inside its scope.

Hit up the hyperlink above to dive deep into this data in the event you don’t thoughts spoiling what’s nearly actually an upcoming announce for The Elder Scrolls Online.