Upcoming Complete Beta Known Issues

Happy December!

We’ve been murdering ourselves to get the Complete Black Mesa Beta out to everybody. We are actually happy with what we’ve got constructed, however there are nonetheless some tough edges we hope to clean out. Like earlier than, we wished to say some identified points, however first simply a few of the fixes we’ve applied:

Notable Fixes

-Full cross on Xen and Gonarch ranges for bugs and participant steerage
-Fixed crash when participant jumps on physics objects
-Fixed most crashes within the first map of Interloper
-Changed grenade goal level to be heart display screen for simpler aiming
-Fixed dash animation enjoying whereas swimming
-Fixed shotgun misfire after reloading
-Fixed RPG unguided mode in Earth ranges
-Fixed having to press “shift” after every stage load with “Always Run” enabled

Known Issues

Achievements. There has not but been a second achievement cross. The crew has a listing to implement, and we want to open it as much as the group to crowd supply concepts that we’d not have in any other case considered.

Performance. We have improved efficiency throughout the game, and focused particular areas to extend the body fee on all machines. Even with these fixes, there are nonetheless some areas we wish to enhance. For now, do not be afraid to decrease your settings if you’re getting low frames.

Floating Ragdoll Bodies. The NPCs nonetheless float within the air after dying in some sections. We’ve applied some fixes, however they will nonetheless float infrequently.

Options Menu. Some choices are being saved incorrectly. We will proceed to ensure the settings work appropriately on the brand new UI. The new UI will now be a magnet for a post-beta replace.

Factory Breaks. We are guessing gamers will be capable of discover artistic methods to interrupt the manufacturing facility maps. We don’t count on any of them to be full blockers, however we’re anxious to see what gamers can do to those advanced setups, and the way we are able to mitigate points.

These are some of the fixes and identified points we’ve got within the upcoming beta. Get able to play the finale to Black Mesa. It’s been an extended highway, however we’re so shut. We’ll be again very quickly™ with a launch submit!

Thank you to our group. Your assist and testing has proved invaluable.

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