Unfortunate Apex Legend pest leaves personalities with the incorrect capabilities

Yes, you are seeing dual with Valkyrie

Apex Legends Season 14
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A whacky Apex Legend pest is offering personalities the incorrect capabilities.

Yesterday on August 9, Apex Legends introduced Hunted, its all new period, together with brand-new taleVantage The brand-new seasonal launch hasn’t gone as efficiently as designer Respawn could’ve wished however, as gamers are currently reporting circumstances of their personalities being provided the capabilities of various other tales accidentally.

As you can see on your own in the clip over, the gamer personality concerned is playing as Ash, however, for some unidentified factor they’ve been provided the capabilities of Loba, full with her tactical as well as best capabilities. On the various other hand, you can see a Valkyrie gamer in Apex Legends simply below, that wrongly has the capabilities of Mirage, also triggering his Decoy tactical for audiences to see.

However, there’s excellent information for those tormented with the brand-new trouble. According to the details simply below, it appears designer Respawn is cognizant of the concern in Apex Legends, as well as are presently striving on a solution for the brand-new pest. It appears as though the pest is brought on by the gamer choosing a various tale than the one they have ‘Featured’ on the web page of the fight royale game.

For currently after that, you could wish to adhere to playing as the tale you carry the residence display of Apex Legends, as opposed to switching over bent on a various personality on the pre-match food selection. If you’re not familiar with this, you can really transform the tale you have actually included on the game’s residence display by tabbing over to the ‘Legends’ tab as well as choosing any type of opened personality from there.

Last month, Respawn was employing for anew single-player FPS set in the Apex Legends universe


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