Uncharted: The movie postponed yet again, but it won’t be long before

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Uncharted: The movie postponed yet again, but it won't be long before

Decidedly, the film Uncharted will make us tremble until the end. Indeed, after seeing six directors pass, after being postponed to 2022 while we were expecting it for this year, Sony Pictures has decided to postpone it once again. Fortunately, we will not have to wait very long before discovering Nathan Drake’s origin story, because the new date has been set for February 18, 2022 instead of 11. A little extra week of patience therefore, which is not nothing when we know that the project took ten years to really take shape.

For the record, it is Tom Holland who will play the famous adventurer, while Mark Wahlberg has been chosen to play Victor Sullivan. As for the director, Ruben Fleischer (Welcome to Zombieland 1 & 2, Gangster Squad, Venom) is the one who inherited the project.

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