Trade in weapons before the GTA Online Winter Update

Trade in weapons before the GTA Online Winter Update

Meet the two-week event in the world of arms dealers GTA Online… Underground bunkers and theft of unique types of secret weapons. This and more can be found in GTA’s everlasting multiplayer. All offers will be valid until the morning of December 14.

GTA Online Winter Update

Rockstar Games is preparing a winter update, which they are expected to release on Tuesday, December 14th. The R * tradition remains the same – they release major multiplayer updates on Tuesdays. Probably, they will add new heists for the owners of nightclubs – this is indicated by the blanks in the scripts that were previously found in the game.

Profitable pursuits

Arms trade – Will give Gun Barons 50% more GTA $ and Reputation Points. Steal or buy raw materials for the production of illegal goods, and then sell them for a good profit.

Series of confrontations – Bunker, Rocket Base and Casino will earn 3x GTA $ and Reputation Points. Try your favorite modes in unusual interiors.

Mobile operations – Launched via a Ground LOC will earn double GTA $ and Reputation Points.

Full buzz – hard to get from the confrontation of the same name. If you were to compile a list of the most difficult entertainment in GTA Online, then “Full of buzz” can be put in first place. There are two teams: one on Lazer fighters and the other on Sanchez motorcycles. Your goal is to get to the end point, but let’s be honest – it’s almost impossible to do it. However, for participating in this confrontation, you will receive double GTA $ and reputation points.

Series of races auto club LS – including sprint races, chase streak and street races, will earn double the reputation points of the LS Autoclub.

Updating the wardrobe

T-shirt Manor

Log in to GTA Online by December 14th and receive a Black Manor Tee for free. You can try on the T-shirt at a clothing store. Go to the tops rack. Next, find the section “Special Up” → Unlockables.

Prize transport

Prize Vehicle - Mammoth Squaddie

Experience your fortune. Diamond Casino has free access to wheel of luck… It can only be turned once a day. Try to win GTA $, reputation points, clothing, secret prizes or prize vehicles.

Rockstar Games has updated the prize vehicle on the podium. The Mammoth Squaddie is an army truck that has been out of the game for a long time, but its presence was only in the art of Warstock. After years of requests, Rockstar Games added it as part of the Heist of Cayo Perico update. You can buy it or try to win on the wheel of fortune.

Premium Challenge

As a reward for the premium challenge, you will receive the Empreror Vectre

Premium transport is installed on an impromptu podium in the LS auto club. This week is played out Empreror vectre… This is a reward for completing an award challenge.

Visit the LS Auto Club in your private vehicle and finish 5th or higher in 12 different street races and / or chase streaks. As soon as you fulfill the conditions, go to the LS auto club, then press M → LS auto club → Premium test → Get transport → Select any garage.

Test machines

Experience the Übermacht Cypher, Obey Tailgater S and Karin Sultan Classic on the test track

Three cars can be tested every week on the test track of the LS Autoclub. This allows you to evaluate not only the visual, but also the technical characteristics of the cars – an in-game test drive this week on the Übermacht Cypher, Obey Tailgater S and Karin Sultan Classic.


Real estate:

  • underground bunker – 40% discount,
  • repairs in an underground bunker – 40% discount.


  • racing suits at LS auto club – 30% discount.


  • Ocelot Jugular sports car – 35% discount,
  • sports car Maibatsu Penumbra FF – 35% discount,
  • supercar Pegassi Tempesta – 35% discount,
  • Fighter Jobuilt P-996 Lazer – 30% off.

Time Trial – Grove Street

Time trial can bring up to 104,000GTA $. For conquering the required time, you will be paid once 100,000GTA $ + from 1,000GTA $ to 4,000GTA $ for the difficulty of the track. The time trial is the best opportunity to demonstrate your craving for records or earn over $ 100,000 in a quick way.

Time Trial RC – “Cemetery”

RC Bandito owners can take part in a special time trial.

RC Bandito can only be acquired if a garage is available at the Maze Bank Arena Workshop. Go to the Southern San Andreas Super Autos in-game website and buy an RC Bandito.

RC time trial can bring up to 104,000GTA $. For conquering the required time, you will be paid once 100,000GTA $ + from 1,000GTA $ to 4,000GTA $ for the difficulty of the track.

Premium Race – Harbinger (Motorcycle Only)

To participate in the premium race, you must pay an entry fee of $ 20,000. Drive into the yellow circle with a $ icon or use the Quick Play via your phone (Start Quick Play → Active Premium Race) and join the competition. Each victory in the race will bring – 100,000 GTA $, second place – 30,000 GTA $, third place – 20,000 GTA $ and three times the accrual of reputation points for all riders.

In premium races, the settings are activated: interception, air bag and contactless mode. You can increase your chances of winning by choosing top cars in classes for racing GTA Online.

Special Offers for Rockstar Games + Twitch Prime Members

Bonuses Rockstar Games Social Club Affiliate Program with Twitch Prime this week:

  • 100,000 GTA $ (funds will be credited within 3 days).

Special bonus for PlayStation Plus subscribers

Every month until GTA Online is released on PlayStation 5, PS Plus and PS4 members will receive $ 1,000,000. This month’s distribution will run until the morning of January 1. note that the issuance of a million is now carried out only at the request of the player