Tiny Starfield hack unlocks the ability to venture beyond your ship and explore the great expanse of space

Starfield character wearing helmet with space backdrop
(Image credit score: Bethesda)

It ends up that Starfield has a surprise, however remarkably durable assistance for spacewalking – as well as all you need to do to open it is kind a couple of commands right into the in-game console.

Footage of a Starfield gamer leaving the bounds of their ship as well as flying around an asteroid area just recently attracted lots of interest over on the game’s subreddit, as well as it’s simple to see why. Here’s something that isn’t practically feasible in the game being carried out in such a persuading style that it appears like a main development pack or an especially durable mod.

But it’s neither of those points, as Reddit individual WeirdConcern4666 explains – it’s simply an issue of inputting 2 Starfield console commands. Just use ‘player.setpos x 10’ to relocate on your own beyond the ship as well as ‘setgravityscale 0’ to shut off gravity. (If you have not formerly made use of console commands, understand that they just service computer as well as will certainly disable accomplishments.) 

So you can actually go outside your ship into the Space!! from r/Starfield

With those commands got in, the game’s existing zero-gravity controls take control of as well as allow you fly about as a correct area traveler. The just genuine indicator that this is a sort of janky hack is the reality that you will not instantaneously pass away if you remove your area fit. You can also stroll on planets if you activate gravity.

This is simply an uniqueness in the meantime, however the reality that the game sustains spacewalking to this level currently absolutely recommends that future Starfield mods will certainly supply a lot more durable tackles the idea. Never ignore the Bethesda modding neighborhood.

Official Starfield modding support is on the way next year, according to Todd Howard.


Source: gamesradar.com

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