This Destiny 2 fan principle suggests gamers are gods

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The Destiny universe has all the time had lots occurring beneath the floor. There are gamers like me, who largely soar in to seek out new weapons and shoot magical house monsters, however others have dug deeply into the lore, and a latest piece of dialogue launched within the newest Invitations of the Nine quest, reinforces a principle that breaks the fourth wall and refers back to the human gamers sitting on the opposite aspect of the display.

GamesRadar+ has written up a fast primer on this fan principle that’s been kicking across the Destinyverse for the previous a number of months. The primary thought is that the Emissary is conscious that Destiny 2 is a game, and that she’s appearing as a go-between for Destiny 2 gamers and the game itself, not simply the Guardians and The Nine. There’s a brand new interplay between the Emissary and The Nine that factors closely to this, with the Emissary referring to a being that has “agency like you wouldn’t believe” and who can “leave this game.”

The Nine are confused by this, and the Emissary offers up making an attempt to elucidate.

Here’s the clip, courtesy of YouTuber Hikewne:

Redditor BC1096 says this all suits in with hints they’ve seen in Destiny 2 all alongside. Players could be regarded as gods who can by no means actually lose the game, and entities within the game just like the Ahamkara are conscious of our existence. They need to depart the game’s airplane of existence and obtain existence in our dimension.

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Again, I’ve by no means been a Destiny lorehound – I’ve solely ever been in it for the capturing stuff. But Rich reckons it is a fairly fascinating principle, and it goes a bit past Destiny 2’s previous pokes on the fourth wall.

Like any good fan principle, this one spiderwebs out with implications for lots of the game. Maybe The Nine are some manifestation of Bungie? Is The Darkness the eventual finish of the game’s life, maybe the servers someday shutting down? What occurs when Wish Dragons present up in the true world?

Maybe we’ll discover out – properly, at the least we’d discover out in regards to the first two sometime. The Ahamkara are welcome to remain proper the place they’re so far as I’m involved.