These TikTok developers are maintaining The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to life

A screenshot from a cut scene in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Zelda and Link are walking outside as Zelda holds up and looks at the Sheikah slate tablet.

Image: Nintendo using Polygon

Nintendo launched The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild over 6 years earlier, as well as in some way, I’m still discovering brand-new aspects of it. This is partly as a result of the long-term allure of the game, yet additionally in no little component as a result of the job of steadfast TikTokers that record its relatively limitless information. In the lead-up to the launch of Breath of the Wild’s follow up, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, in May, followers are not surprisingly reviewing it — as well as on systems like TikTok, they’re sharing their enjoyment as well as brand-new explorations with others.

It’s tough to discover a game that really feels as in-depth and also as to life as Breath of the Wild. The game belongs to the larger Zelda timeline, yet it varies from previous access, working as a sandbox where gamers reach play with exactly how various tools as well as devices connect with the bigger globe. Many accounts concentrate on “did you know”-design web content that highlights hyper-specific or lesser-known facets of the game.

TikTok makes a near-perfect automobile for these nonstop factoids as well as explorations. The short-form video clip application is the best means to record a single outstanding information — like the reality that you can fire mushrooms with an arrowhead, as opposed to climbing a high cliff to reach them — as well as existing it to countless individuals.

Vaqr Gaming, for instance, is sharing a brand-new reality concerning Breath of the Wild daily up until the follow up is launched. She informed Polygon that she assumes the game is still prominent due to the fact that it is an “extremely polished game,” yet additionally, it’s simple to damage.

“There are so many little details the developers put in that I would have never thought of,” Vaqr Gaming informed Polygon. “There are also things that [Nintendo] never thought we would do, and that has led to some amazing discoveries. You can always see in the comments — even after years of playing this game, you can always learn something new!”


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A great deal of my favored clips highlight one-of-a-kind personality communications that I would certainly have never ever had the perseverance to determine myself. For instance, if you most likely to the titan Korok Hestu while putting on no garments, you can open unique discussion. Instead of his common introduction, Hestu claims, “Shaka! Shakaka! You are nekkid! I am nekkid! We are united in exposure!” Another adorable instance is that the majority of characters will be scared when Link takes out a bomb, yet if you hold one as much as the farmer Olkin, he will certainly say loudly, “A blue pumpkin?!”


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User Zeldatendo maintains the game to life by reposting flowing clips of unbelievable trick shots, fan theories, as well as various other kinds of comical video clip web content from Breath of the Wild. Like Vaqr Gaming, Zeldatendo is additionally counting down the days to Tears of the Kingdom with unique web content. A much more current blog post consisted of an individuality test that informs you what your favored area in Breath of the Wild claims concerning you. The account has memes as well as various other educational web content too.


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Together, all these material developers as well as their fans comprise a broader area of recurring followers that are still devoted to the initial game. And naturally, there are means to press the limitations of Breath of the Wild — beyond TikTok, devoted speedrunners continue to set global world records for the fastest runs of the game on video clip systems like YouTube as well as Twitch.

It’s most likely that Breath of the Wild web content will certainly take a rear seat when Nintendo launches Tears of the Kingdom in May. But Vaqr Gaming informed Polygon that she would possibly make web content for both games: “I feel like I will [keep making content for Breath of the Wild], but I will still be mainly focused on Tears of the Kingdom.” She’s additionally still expecting experimenting with mods as they are launched for Breath of the Wild, as those follower jobs will certainly proceed also after Tears of the Kingdom is out.


Source: Polygon

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