The success of Helldivers 2’s battle against Automatons raises suspicions of a surprising twist from Game Master Joel in the near future

Helldivers 2
(Image credit rating: Arrowhead Game Studios)

A brand-new Helldivers 2 Major Order has actually upped the stake in the continuous battle versus the Automatons, sending out gamers directly back to Malevelon Creek in a press to damage a significant robot manufacturing facility. But this order has actually come among a suspiciously silent minute on the western battle front, and I’m much more persuaded than ever before that we’re simply in the eye of the tornado.

The Automatons presently have simply one field left in the western movie theater, and gamers are presently controling it also. There is no other way on this Earth – this Super Earth – that Game Master Joel is mosting likely to allow this procedure go off easily. For beginners, allow’s check out the verdict from the previous Major Order. A brand-new in-game notification checks out: 

“OP Swift Disassembly, Phase 1 – Completed.

“The Automaton Comms Array on Troost has actually been deactivated. Strangely, it shows up to have actually been transmitting outside the Galactic Frontier. Analysts are functioning to identify much more.

“However, we did discover a Transmission containing blueprints for a new Automaton type: aerial gunships. With this advance warning, our hardworking factory laborers have been instructed to accelerate production of our most effective anti-air weaponry.”

A different message appears to show that this sped up anti-air weapons is certainly a recommendation to the freshly launched hefty gatling gun and Quasar Cannon, with the last being particularly powerful versus robot dropships. But that’s not the fundamental part right here. 

The robots were transmitting a message, relatively connected to the forecasted “Reclamation,” to an outside field? That is to state, a location of room that isn’t on the existing Galactic War map? And we obstructed plans for a brand-new kind of robot? That ain’t excellent, individuals. For when I want the telephone call was originating from inside your home. 

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