The Street Fighter 6 lineup has 18 personalities at launch, however 4 dripped boxers are missing out on

Street Fighter 6
(Image credit score: Capcom)

Capcom has actually lastly validated the authorities Street Fighter 6 lineup for the game’s launch, as well as while the schedule generally matches the dripped boxer listing from previously this year, there are 4 personalities unaccounted for.

The Street Fighter 6 lineup will certainly consist of 18 personalities at the game’s launch in 2023: Blanka, Cammy, Chun-Li, Dee Jay, Dhalsim, E. Honda, Guile, Jamie, JP, Juri, Ken, Kimberly, Lily, Luke, Manon, Marisa, Ryu, as well as Zangief.

To be much more accurate, Capcom states these are “the 18 characters on the launch roster,” as well as while there’s some shake area in the phrasing for the firm to present even more boxers for the launch variation of Street Fighter 6, it appears secure to anticipate that this will certainly be the schedule you’ll be having fun with on the first day. The information was revealed together with the launch of the opening flick for the single-player World Tour setting, which flaunts some extremely amazing art of all the personalities.

None of those names will certainly come as a shock if you’ve been adhering to the Street Fighter 6 leaks (opens up in brand-new tab), which disclosed the entire lineup with art work months earlier. However, those leakages additionally kept in mind 4 extra personalities that weren’t component of today’s news. Those are the returning boxers Akuma, Ed, as well as Rashid, together with the brand-new personality AKI.

It’s rather simple to hypothesize that those 4 boxers will certainly act as the game’s initial wave of DLC, though it’s additionally feasible they might be unlockable personalities, or perhaps employer boxers.

While the game will not be releasing till 2023, you’ll have the ability to check out 8 of these boxers in the closed beta test for Street Fighter 6 beginning October 7.

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