The Starfield gun mod’s quality is so poor it might as well be nonexistent

(Image credit rating: Bethesda)

We’ve discovered it: the really worst, nay, meaningless, mod in all of Starfield mods.

You understand just how Starfield weapons have publications, determining just how much ammo is kept in a clip prior to you need to refill? It ends up there’s a tool mod in Starfield that increases your tool’s publication ability. The problem is, this mod has actually been furnished to a blade, a tool that notoriously does not utilize ammunition.

Finally I can keep stabbing without having to reload all the time from r/Starfield

If the reload times of a blade ever before obtained you down, this is the mod for you. Somewhat shateringly, this mod would certainly be ace with primarily any kind of various other tool in Starfield, however it’s been added a blade as though the whole point in some way makes good sense. Well, there’s a factor it’s an ‘Epic’ melee tool, besides.

Now all this blade requires is a barrel mod, a suppressor, and also possibly a respectable range, and also it’ll prepare to damage nearly anything Starfield needs to use. In truth, one Reddit user has actually also buffooned up what this can resemble. That’s a great way to place your photo modifying capabilities to utilize. 

“I guess Destiny had it right… You need ammo for swords,” creates one Reddit customer beneath the initial blog post. Technically talking, Halo likewise makes use of ammunition for its power swords. Hey, perhaps both these Bungie-created franchise business were onto something. 

What’s most likely taken place below is that Starfield randomizes which accessories and also mods are designated to tools, which is just how we have actually wound up with a blade with a publication mod. When you’re designating a substantial amount of properties to an also larger amount of tools randomly, this point is mosting likely to occur at some point.

If desire some even more functional aid making tools better them research Starfield backgrounds and starting skills, Starfield skills and also Starfield traits which can all influence your damages capacity. 



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