The Songwriter Behind “Vought on Ice” from The Boys Did the Grueling Homework

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There is no quantity of sonic discomfort author Christopher Lennertz will not withstand for his bud of three decades Eric Kripke, the present showrunner ofThe Boys Lennertz formerly paid attention to limitless quantities of kid band slop to pen the Super-Sweet solitary “Rock My Kiss” for period 3 and pressed himself to create the gooiest nostalgic track possible for Starlight’s pop-star minute, “Never Truly Vanish,” and currently he’s back with period 4’s “Let’s Put the Christ Back in Christmas.”

“If there’s anything I can say about The Boys, it’s that we do our research,” Lennertz informs Polygon, with marginal eye jerk.

Former society bros that gotten started with each other right into Hollywood without any cash and a high resistance for Taco Bell, Lennertz and Kripke have actually created a mind-meld connection many thanks to years on Supernatural andRevolution So the author understood he might supply marginal guideline wherefore he desired for the suggested Vought on Ice series in period 4 episode 3, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here,” Lennertz claims.

“I get literally one short paragraph that says, ‘Homeland and Maeve as ice skaters come out, sing a Vaught-produced song about war on Christmas, there’s a nativity scene and Jesus, and then everybody gets killed.’ And then it says something about ‘putting Christ back in Christmas.’ That’s the whole assignment.”

The vibrant in between showrunner and author is extra concerning feelings. As Lennertz started service “Let’s Put the Christ Back in Christmas,” he started seeing video clip after video clip of Ice Capades, Disney on Ice, Frozen on Ice, and any type of various other little source product that might notify the completed dancing. “I knew I needed sleigh bells and I knew it needed to be fast,” he claims. Then the Vought of all of it gathers, which Kripke benefits. Around the moment Lennertz was matching high notes to laser audios, his old good friend was sending him write-ups concerning the most up to date anti-Christmas fearmongering. Lennertz remembers the information of Candace Cameron Bure’s deal with the Great American Family network, and her position versus Hallmark Channel’s LGBTQ+ depiction in Christmas flicks, as an exasperated-sigh-worthy sign for the witticism.

“[Eric] has very little patience for that kind of silliness, as do I,” Lennertz claims. “We’re pretty open people. So that was sort of our job from the very beginning.”

Lennertz’s huge desire for the series was to go larger than anything The Boys had actually done in the past. This was not his initial huge showstopper number– Lennertz formerly dealt with music tales Alan Menken and Marc Shaiman to increase Hawkeye‘s counterfeit Avengers program Rogers: The Musical right into an actual stage event for Disney California Adventure— and his mind instantly mosted likely to Broadway to load the singing lineup for the track. While the stars on display are all ice-skating experts, the track proclaims Andrew Rannells (The Book of Mormon) as Homelander, Shoshana Bean (Hairspray, Hell’s Kitchen) as Maeve, and James Monroe Iglehart (Aladdin, Hamilton) as Jesus.

“I texted Eric, and I was like, ‘Can we shoot for big Broadway stars and make this a big cameo thing?’” he remembers. “And as soon as I got the permission for that, I’m like, Well, that’s gotta be Andrew. And then we got a Black Jesus in James Monroe Iglehart, who then of course Vought makes into a white Jesus later, which is so Vought. […] Thankfully, they all said yes. And they were all my first choice, every single one of them. I got real lucky.”

The completed variation of “Let’s Put the Christ Back in Christmas” is shateringly genuine, as for schmaltzy ice-skating dancing numbers go. Then it simply comes to be just … unpleasant. You can enjoy the stainless variation over, however, for the entire bloody event, head to Prime Video, where the initial 3 episodes of The Boys period 4 are presently streaming.


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