The popular Spider-Cube glitch from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has made a comeback!

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The well known dice problem in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has actually raised its heavyset head once more.

When Spider-Man 2 released last month, it took simply a couple of days for gamers to discover an instead strange problem, that saw Peter Parker and Miles Morales transform into a white cube. This had not been simply in the game’s food selections – they were turning with New York City as fully-formed white dices, full with traversal capabilities undamaged.

Shortly after, programmer Insomniac covered out the dice problem, however some gamers type of missed out on the little trick. Well, their petitions have actually currently been addressed, since according to the gamer listed below, the dice problem lives and well in Spider-Man 2 once more.

The cube glitch returns from r/SpidermanPS4

Apparently, the dice can be renewed merely by picking Peter’s ‘Kumo’ skin in the matches food selection. According to the gamer, this only afflicted Peter initially, transforming him right into a white, web-slinging dice, however Miles evidently did the same soon later, likewise damaging without his human kind.

We’re still none the better regarding why the dice problem in fact exists to begin with. Does it really just impact the usable personalities in Spider-Man 2? Was it utilized throughout advancement for any kind of screening objectives? Maybe there are some concerns we’re never ever implied to recognize the response to.

This isn’t the very first time Insomniac has actually gotten rid of a rather enjoyable pest. Earlier today, the developer patched out the ability to free-roam NYC as Venom, getting rid of among the larger ventures in the follow up. In all justness, it’s rarely reasonable for the bad guys of New York City to have Venom taking a breath down their necks.

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