The Master’s Mask in The Acolyte Was Deliberately Inspired by Both Star Wars and Donnie Darko

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At completion of last week’s Acolyte, the Master showed up and showed to everybody that they suggest service, easily casting everyone on the Light side of the Force away with the flick of a wrist. This week, The Acolyte grabs right from there, revealing us truth power of the Sith Lord (and stunned Sol does not remember him … ). Of program, we really did not require to see the Master at work to understand just how relentless a Sith Lord they were. Their look informed us sufficient.

As you may anticipate, that’s deliberately for Jennifer Bryan, the outfit developer forThe Acolyte When creating the mask with Star Wars animal style expert Neal Scanlan, they understood that it needed to remain in line with the visual appeals of the Star Wars Dark Side, while additionally seeming like something brand-new.

“My department had many concepts because, for the character, everything has to look symbiotic; masks, cloak, everything has to work together,” Bryan informs Polygon, keeping in mind just how happy she is for the high level of partnership in between Star Wars divisions. The objective, similar to numerous Sith, was straightforward: Communicate risk.

“It needed to be threatening. It needed to be dark. And it needed to be something you never ever saw before, but there was something familiar about it.”

There was some working out of information; Bryan states earlier mockups highlighted various components of the face, like the eyes. But to the last factor, she attracted from 2 particular resources: She offered the safety helmet a flare at the base of the neck, to stimulate (that else)Darth Vader “It will unconsciously register [with] the audience that this is a guy you need to watch your back with,” she states, calling him and Darth Maul as 2 factors of Star Wars motivation.

But the specifying attribute– that toothy, Venom- like smile– originated from a various location entirely.

“Leslye [Headland, The Acolyte’s showrunner] says she thought about the bad bunny in Donnie Darko,” Bryan states. “There was something kind of grotesque about that. […] I think the idea Leslye wanted was for you to get a sense of dread when [you] see this character up close finally.”


Source: Polygon


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