The Division Weekly Vendor reset Nov. 19: Dark Zone, BoO, Safe Houses, extra

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Vendor gadgets and Blueprints in The Division have been reset for the week, and whereas we’re posting this for info functions, you approach want to maintain off on shopping for something. Why? Because update 1.5 hits next week with new and doubtless higher gadgets to spend your cash on.

Still, we’ve posted the replace video simply in case there’s something you actually, really need.

Every week, Arekkz goes over whether or not the choices are well worth the Phoenix Credits or Dark Zone Funds.

Below you’ll find just a few of the distributors and what they’ve on the market this week.

The Dark Zone Gear Vendor has the next gadgets on supply: Tactical masks, vest and pack, Spec-ops pads and holster, and Gunslinger gloves.

Weapons provided by the respective Dark Zone Vendor this week are: Enhanced PP-19, Enhanced ACR-E, Tactical SASG-12 Ok, Surplus SVD and a Classic M60.

The Dark Zone Gear Mod Vendor is carrying the Prototype Electronics Mod and Performance Mod. If you head over to the Weapons Mod Vendor within the Dark Zone you’ll find this stuff on the market: Heavy Magazine Spring, Loud Vent Break, PEQ-15 Laser – Red and a C79 Scope.

If you watch the video above, Arekkz additionally goes over what the Advanced Weaponry Vendor, Weapons Vendor, Special Equipment Vendor, Base of Operations and Safe House Vendors have accessible.