The Day Before devs guarantee worried followers that its missing out on Steam web page is simply a pest

The Day Before
(Image credit history: Mytona)

The Day Before has actually relatively disappeared from Steam, and also the programmers are ensuring worried followers that it’s due to a “minor technical difficulty.”

At the moment of creating, attempting to access the Steam web page for the enthusiastic zombie MMO reroutes to Steam’s homepage. Furthermore, if you inspect workshop Fntastic’s Steam developer page (opens up in brand-new tab), The Day Before is no place to be located. Naturally, the game’s subreddit (opens up in brand-new tab) fasted to observe its lack and also there was a brief period (opens up in brand-new tab) of complete (opens up in brand-new tab) hysteria (opens up in brand-new tab) prior to Fntastic entered to make clear that, do not stress, its game certainly exists.

According to the programmers, the factor The Day Before isn’t appearing on Steam is merely as a result of issues connected to the system’s once a week upkeep duration.

“We are currently experiencing a minor technical difficulty with our game’s visibility on the Steam store page,” reviews a message (opens up in brand-new tab) from Fntastic onSteam “This is a known bug that has affected multiple titles in the past. Please note that Steam regularly conducts maintenance on Tuesdays and this issue will likely be resolved during that time.”

Somewhat unfortunately, the programmers additionally begged with their very own area not to bug them over what seems a safe and also short-term problem.

“We kindly ask that you refrain from sending negative messages or joining in with the complaints of others. Rest assured that our game will be visible on the Steam store again once the maintenance is complete. Patience is key.”

The Day Before is still arranged to launch on March 1.

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