The best Total War: Warhammer mods

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Back in the olden times, if you wanted to play Total War with armies of Orcs and Dwarfs you had to download a mod for Rome or Medieval II. Now that Total War: Warhammer is out we’re still downloading mods, but instead we’re using them to tweak the armies of fantasy beasts we’ve been waiting for all these years. The following mods are available via the Steam Workshop and new mods are being uploaded there all the time, so we’ll be revisiting this article in the future to update it with more of the best as they appear.

Page 1: New units
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Unit reskins
Page 3:
Rule tweaks and changes
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Visual Enhancements

New units

Closer to Tabletop

Download here

If you want some extra units that fit the official Warhammer background, Closer To Tabletop adds several. It includes Dwarf Dragon Slayers, Reiksguard footsoldiers, and the Imperial Flagellants. Remember those guys from the movie Jabberwocky who were really into whipping themselves? Now you can field units of them. It also tweaks a few rules relating to units, such as giving Steam Tanks magic resistance and increasing the morale bonus enjoyed by Stubborn troops.


Download here

For fans of the French pseudo-Arthurian knights of Bretonnia, this mod lets you unlock them as a playable faction. It adds a new tech tree and event feed themed to match, and it’s suggested you also subscribe to the Closer To Tabletop mod as that adds three more Bretonnian units (Questing Knights, Knights Errant, and Battle Pilgrims) to round out their armies.

 SOTHR units

Download here

Shadow of the Horned Rat and its sequel Dark Omen are fondly remembered Warhammer strategy games from the 1990s which let players control an Imperial mercenary force led by Commander Morgan Bernhardt. This mod adds him and several of his units, the Grudgebringer Cavalry, infantry, crossbows and Great Cannon from Shadow of the Horned Rat to Total War: Warhammer so we can relive 1995 all over again. 

 Vampire Counts: Human Levies

Download here

There are humans who live in the cursed land of Sylvania as well as undead, because somebody has to sweep the floors in all those brooding gothic castles. This mod lets you field units of those poor peasants, mortals with swords or spears as well as hunters with bows, giving the undead their first ranged weapons. You’re limited to a maximum of two units of archers to prevent them from being too unbalancing.

Dwarf Keg Thrower

Download here

What’s more Dwarfish than drinking booze? Setting it on fire and hurling it at some filthy Goblins, apparently. This mod replaces the Grudge Thrower artillery with Keg Throwers whose missiles are barrels of alcohol that explode on impact, causing fire damage. It’s probably safer than drinking the stuff given how flammable it seems to be.

 Chaos Dwarfs

Download here

The Warriors of Chaos have Dwarfs on their side who have turned to the worship of dark gods, and it’s them you can see manning the Hellcannon. With this mod you’ll be able to field entire units of twisted Chaos Dwarfs, including ones armed with blunderbusses.