Swap the RPG’s Most Hideous Armor for a Star Wars Reference with This Starfield Mod

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There’s currently a Starfield mod that allows you exchange the game’s ideal yet ugliest shield for some Star Wars-themed area equipment. 

Modders have actually long been functioning their magic on Bethesda games, supplying gamers a myriad of means to spruce up the experience. Naturally, the workshop’s massive brand-new space-based RPG is no exemption, as well as many thanks to Starfield’s subject, mods that offer the game even more of a Star Wars really feel remain in abundant supply.

The most recent to incorporate Starfield’s cosmos with Star Wars is Xaroph, with a mod that swaps the “hideous” Mantis shield for “something a lil’ more deserving of its stats.” Essentially, it changes the remarkable however aesthetically unattractive spacesuit with the much cooler-looking Mandalorian shield. According to the modder, they attained Mando’s appearance by changing the Guard shield as well as Starborrn safety helmet, which they retextured to offer it “more of a bounty hunter feeling.”

The Mantis shield is an out of favor selection amongst Starfield gamers, however several have actually chosen to persevere since it’s so efficient. So, as you could anticipate, followers are delighted they have actually currently obtained the choice to discover the galaxy stylishly as well as still have accessibility to the advantages the Mantis shield offers. “I hate the mantis armor so this is like 100 times better,” one Starfield player said on Twitter. Another wrote, “Good. The mantis armor is ugly as hell.” 

If you elegant attempting it out on your own, the mod, merely referred to as Mandalorian – The Bounty Hunter, is readily available over on Nexus Mods.

As for the various other Star Wars mods, quickly after Starfield’s launch, one talented shipbuilder built the Millennium Falcon, Razor Crest, as well as a mini Star Destroyer. Another took points to the following degree with a Star Wars Imperial Destroyer so epic that it lags the game and needs a 21-page how-to guide. And simply recently, we saw modders swap police for stormtroopers. At this price, Starfield will certainly be a full-on Star Wars game in a snap.

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