Super Mario Odyssey followers desire a follow up so poor that an e-mail from Nintendo has actually obtained their hopes up

Super Mario Odyssey
(Image credit scores: Nintendo)

Speculation bordering a Super Mario Odyssey follow up has actually enhanced after Nintendo sent an e-mail regarding the game, 5 years after its launch.

As highlighted by Twitter customer @NintyPrime (opens up in brand-new tab), Nintendo clients are getting e-mails from the business aroundSuper Mario Odyssey This is possibly absolutely nothing greater than a marketing e-mail, yet what’s odd is that Nintendo has actually sent an e-mail devoted to a game that has actually gotten very little additional assistance in the years because its launch.

The web content of the e-mail is simply info regarding the game that’s meant to trigger gamers to return and also play it. It additionally includes a couple of inquiries for followers such as “did you visit every Kingdom?” or “how many Power Moons did you find?” Unfortunately, it’s not as apparent as: “Would you like a new Super Mario Odyssey game?” To which the solution would possibly be an unquestionable yes.

While this could simply be a marketing e-mail, it would not be the very first time Nintendo has actually checked the waters by sending advertising and marketing e-mails. As explained by this Reddit user (opens up in brand-new tab), Nintendo really sent e-mails regarding WarioWare: Get it Together prior to introducing the game’s launch in 2021. Not to state the Nintendo study that essentially asked followerswhat kind of Pokemon game they’d like to see next

Naturally, this has actually obtained a great deal of individuals thrilled regarding the possibility of a brand-new Super Mario Odyssey game, myself consisted of. It’s additionally feasible that Nintendo’s e-mail might be a tip in the direction of future DLC or possibly simply a method of obtaining individuals thinking about several of Mario’s previous games, what with Super Mario World soon to open in Universal Studios Hollywood and also the Super Mario Bros Movie imminent.

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