Star Wars Jedi Survivor: the game existing at the Game Awards? Insider Tom Henderson verifies this

Insider Tom Henderson – which is frequently appropriate – is official: Star Wars Jedi Survivor will certainly undoubtedly exist at the Game Awards 2022. More concretely, his resources have actually informed him that a brand-new trailer will certainly be launched roughly half an hour after the beginning of the program, which it will certainly disclose both the day of launch of the game and also when pre-orders will certainly be open. Since its formalization in Maythe follow up to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is instead very discreet, Respawn Entertainment having actually just talked with clarify why it would certainly not be launched on Xbox One and also PS4.

I think the difference is mostly in ray-tracing or lighting, he pointed out in particular. We have the ability to play with light in real time to a degree beyond anything we’ve produced so far. Because it’s real-time, we’re able to immediately see the changes we’re making in lighting. Which means we have more time to tweak, iterate more, and get more cinematic results. In addition, there are those super fast drives that allow us to quickly load a lot of content. I’ve always worked on games that don’t display loading screens. The fact that these consoles have a fast storage system made things much easier. These are probably the two main benefits. I do not forget that the haptic features of the PS5 [via la DualSense, ndlr] which we are working on.

Let’s additionally not neglect that last monththe reporter Jeff Grubb (VentureBeat) was currently stating that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor would certainly exist at the Game Awards which the advancement of the game was advancing well. And if Electronic Arts has not yet stated anything on the topic, the person stays persuaded that the game will certainly show up in March 2023, which represents the American author’s schedule where a “major license” is suggested in Q4. In short, points appear to be looking respectable.


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