Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gorgara boss battle walkthrough

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Looking for tips about tips on how to defeat Gorgara in Jedi: Fallen Order? You’ll discover this boss in Chapter Five, lurking within the temple on Dathomir.

This information comprises story spoilers, so solely learn on if you happen to’re prepared for the Gorgara battle and need to be ready, or if it’s killed you a couple of occasions and also you’re stumped on tips on how to defeat this monstrous bat-like critter.

Gorgara will descend from the shadows of the temple and in contrast to her lovely look might recommend, she’s not okay with Cal rifling round her lair and issues will get ugly. The enviornment the place you’ll initially battle Gorgara has restricted area, and as a result of Gorgara’s giant measurement, this could make avoiding her winged swipes and deathly costs a troublesome problem. But, right here’s tips on how to beat Gorgara in Jedi: Fallen Order and when it’s best to dodge, block, and use the Force.

How to beat Gorgara in Jedi: Fallen Order

Once in battle, Gorgara will slam her wings into the bottom, and fortuitously as a result of her measurement and weight, she’s not the quickest or most agile boss you’ll battle. When she does this, you’ll have a while to hit the wing. When you hit her wing, she’ll retaliate with one other hit, assault the wing once more to stun her.

Now she’s shocked (she’ll be highlighted in blue) use Force Pull to slam her right down to the bottom for optimum harm, after which strategy her to get a couple of extra hits in on her head.

She’ll retreat, by flying to the other aspect of the world, the place she’ll throw echo blasts at you, which you’ll have to evade expertly by dodging from left to proper. She’ll comply with this up with a floor slam, use Force Flip to leap over the shockwave from this floor slam, as it would journey throughout the whole enviornment. Once you land, get in a couple of extra hits.

Once Gorgara’s well being has depleted, she’ll rapidly change techniques and begin trampling throughout the world in the direction of you, a number of occasions. Use Force Slow to present your self time to dash away. We actually don’t recommend attacking when she’s doing this.

As Gorgara realises the jig is up, she gained’t go down simply. She’ll carry out two floor slams in a row, so that you’ll have to Force Flip to keep away from each of those assaults.

As a wounded Gorgara retreats by way of an uncovered escape route, you higher imagine she’ll be again later with a slither of well being and a penchant on your blood.