Stained glass Guardian Sword++ produced by a follower of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A Guardian Sword++ from Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but made out of stained glass. It’s being held in a spotlight over a white surface, so its colorful shadow can be seen below it.

Photo: apiercedotter

Fans are waiting patiently for the The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to introduce, while spinning up fan theories and also making outstanding masterpieces in the meanwhile. One such job is a discolored glass handle the Guardian Sword++, one of the most updated variation of the tool from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild is loaded with tools of all kinds, naturally, however this equates especially well to being recreated in tarnished glass, many thanks to the vibrancy of its layout. The tarnished glass variation of the sword sparkles magnificently in the sunlight, refracting light in the background. Creator apiercedotter “fell in love” with Breath of the Wild after “buying my Switch Lite when the lockdown started, with the little savings I had,” he informed Polygon by means of e-mail. “I was hesitant because it was already a couple of years old, but I decided to give it a try, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.”

He started this job while awaiting the game’s follow up to launch. “Obviously, I was really excited when I heard about the release of Tears of the Kingdom, and l couldn’t think about anything else,” he stated. “So while I was working on my last stained glass project, the bow from Genshin Impact, this weapon came to mind. I thought the stained glass aesthetic would work really well with it.”

A process image for making the Breath of the Wild Guardian Sword from stained glass. A handful of pieces are laid out above a tracing of the image.

Photo: apiercedotter

When he shared his development on Reddit, it swiftly went viral. A variety of commenters additionally broke tool sturdiness jokes — possibly a discolored glass sword would certainly be much more resilient, also, than the in-game variation of the tool?

It took apiercedotter regarding a week to develop the tarnished glass sword, from the days it took “designing the pattern” — seeing to it it was strong adequate to really stand up as soon as produced — and also “choosing the colors, making sure I had the right glass sheets,” along with every one of the cutting, grinding, and also soldering job. Cutting one of the most rounded areas additionally confirmed a difficulty. “Some of them can take three to four attempts before you get it right!” he stated. He’s collaborated with tarnished glass for much less than a year currently, and also intends to recreate various other tools from video clip games and also anime.

The Elegy for the End bow from Genshin Impact, recreated as a stained glass object.

The Elegy for the End bow from Genshin Impact
Photo: apiercedotter

In Breath of the Wild, Link can obtain the Guardian Sword after beating a Guardian Scout. But to obtain the Guardian Sword++ Link need to defeat “A Major Test of Strength” test in a Shrine, which suggests beating a Guardian Scout IV — among the much more dangerous opponents you can locate in these kinds of dungeons.

Just don’t attempt to eliminate with the tarnished glass one, also if it looks appealing. “I didn’t even think about how fragile it was while I was crafting it,” apiercedotter stated. “If anyone buys it, please don’t swing it around fighting invisible Bokoblins.”


Source: Polygon

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